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  1. Building a nice looking base until someone just randomly appears and starts placing farms and stuff randomly on your base.
  2. Even tho Woodlegs is my favorite character id rather keep them out of DST unless they port Shiprekt into multiplayer.
  3. As miniscule of a downside it's still a downside. But id rather stay mighty all the time for the extra speed since food shouldn't be a problem once you reach mid-late game.
  4. You forgot higher hunger loss.
  5. I just stumbled upon this and decided to make this so i guess i'll just leave it here. @The Curator
  6. The same thing just happened to me and apparently it's just one person with multiple accounts or something like that.
  7. Here we go again
  8. this is gonna be the last i tell u
  9. Praise cane
  10. Charlie bless Portugal
  11. symbols are swood