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  1. Oh god over 80 lucky gold nuggets, I really went wild with the gobblers. Base is beautiful glzW
  2. You can use Lanterns as fuel for campfires.
  3. Don't forget that shes also kind and caring for the other survivors. Here are some quotes from Wicker: "Oh goodness,how lovely!" Presents "Lovely job on the tree, dears" Festive tree
  4. Well you might want to update this thread for the SW code
  5. Looking good right?
  6. Every time someone mentions the rose collection and that they want it the release of it gets delayed by 1 day.
  7. Is this for entering a Shipwrecked code or something? Edit: it isn't, I tried.
  8. Because every SW character except Warly is focused on beginning in SW, every characters perks except Woodlegs aren't interesting at all in my opinion. Or maybe we ask too much for characters because of the amazing ones weve gotten before.
  9. Bee queen? I'm quite intimidated by the idea of a lot of bees chasing me so one big bee is even worse.
  10. cosemtics

    My loadout for characters other than Maxwell and Webber Maxwell's loadout, come on man he looks pretty in this dress! My Webber loadout, the most expensive and fanciest loadout.
  11. @DragonMage156 Thanks for tagging me, but I think I'm not that good at rping.
  12. I love how emotionless she looks, I especially love that her flower changes into a creepy pointy one.
  13. Look out! some Don't Starve players might start a theory on that!
  14. Shadow Webber and un-shadow Maxwell are the best by far.