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  1. Netbook graphic setting don't work mods those adding extra slots to game. When you turn on netbook graphic settings, you are getting graphic bugs like freezing birds, freezing bumerangs and some kind of bugs. These graphic issues also happen with default graphic setting when fps drops below 35. It acts like you have serious lag although your connection is being good. I think it is inconsistency of some mods which add extra graphics like slots to game. For example "Extra equip slots". I guess game's graphic calculation fails with these mods, causes extreme freezing and symptoms like serious lags.
  2. Very nice guide and helpful but it still proves Woodie is weaker. His chopping ability is good but mining is not, in addition Woodie isn't getting any pine cones or logs while mining and mining capability is slow. Pine cones are good for sanity but first you need to collect them :). Beaver mod is also risky if something bad happens, like hound attack or tree guard spawning. Log meter is another issue, when you don't want to chop you have to eat logs you chopped. Full moon event can be fatal if you are not prepared well on harsh seasons or before boss fight. One way chopping ability also making him to play a little boring. A comprehensive guide with any character chopping trees with pigs can be as well as Woodie's.
  3. Thank you for reply @cezarica. Are there any other suggestions from you guys ?
  4. Hello, I play at a friend's dedicated server. The game is endless and we hit 1000+ days. As you guess lags started happen frequently. If there are 1-2 players it is still acceptable but on 4+ players the game really become unplayable. I saw some servers can handle more of this. I wonder what can handle these lag issiues? Is it because of Ram / lack of memory or Cpu's core can't handle it? I had these issues on my previous pre-configured servers, too. What do you suggest to do?
  5. I agree on Woodies weakness. A few players, whose main character is Woodie may disagree on it, but that is why they disagree on it. If you play on one character too much, you get to used with him/her and will learns more tips about it. However, I still think woodie is very weak and a little boring.
  6. If you mean everyone as only one player Survival mode has a mechanic when everybody dies, the world resets in a few minutes.However, it includes these situations too; 5-6 players surviving days,months then they disconnect. Then only a player joins and guess what , dies in the middle of winter on first day. Those all 5-6 players progress were gone. Not even mentioning that player who resets the world also leaves the next day
  7. Servers still can't make 30+ days. Reset mechanic also has to be changed. You can't resume the game even if you give a break for a few hours. Always somebody joins, dies and resets the world. You can't make any progress.
  8. Do you think there should be more game modes to challange or compete? I agree with DST is better with cooperative teamplay and trying to survive as long as possible. Nevertheless, I think there should be more game modes beyond and different from current modes.(endless, survival, wilderness) They should be more like time limited, objective-focused, should have individual or team purposes. As a example, I can give a user mod "Battle Royale" which isn't active currently. I didn't play that mod but it seems like "PvP Arena" where weapons are dropped and players trying pvp and survive. The next I can suggest is "Hunger Games" which I watched on a streamer. Group of players trying to survive in very hard conditons, minimized all resources. As you guess last survivors win game. Examples are clear, these type of modes are also suitable for play publicly. Making these kind of modes official can expand variety too. What are your opinions about these? Should these kinds of should to be or not? Do you have other suggestions for game modes?
  9. Hello @Tumalu Thank you for reply. Let's discuss them in more detials. 1- That is why I emphasized on Public Servers. They start with "Survial" on default and most server owners do not prefer to change in options. They simply run server and don't want intervene other things. May be "Endless" can solve this, still not sure. I think they changed voting system. One vote can not reset the world. There need more votes. But yes sometimes voting system can be problem too. 3- Just a few things barely survive for a few days. Thermal stone with %50 durability, few logs to make first campfire. Some grasses, twigs and flints. Even with those it won't be easy for average players, not mentioning even new players. On the other hand, I still think there shouldn't be a game when you are joining to server and have less <%2 option to survive. 5- All these are suggestions, some are possible some are not :). However, for public co-op game conditions should like to other public games. If one person can ruin all other players' effort easily, that won't survive long. Thank you for your response again.
  10. Hello, I want to report some problems about public servers. All these compalints and suggestions are for only public dedicated servers. These aren't regular issues about game mechanics or close team plays. I think Klei should pay a little more attention to public servers them, because these servers are stronger and more people can play there with less lags. You shouldn't rely on custom options or mods to prevent these issues, becuase these servers usually run on default options with no mod. I added my suggestions with "S" title after the issue. 1-Current Survival mode preventing progress in game. Imagine, 10 players succeds good gameplay and reach 100 days. But after that, when nobody in server a new player joins and dies and resets the world. Then, even that player leaves the server. Only one player can reset the world in Survival mode when no other players in and making other players' efforts nothing. This situtation also traps these servers into vicious circle making no progress in these worlds. S: You shoiud give at least 36 hours players to return who have most days in server. Arrange some kind of calculation, give players more force who have days even when they are not in the server. To reset the world, require the enough force. If those playes won't reconnect to that server in 36 hours, than erase their force. Or any other possible solutions to remove this unbalance. On the other hand, it happens like 5 players playing 100 days then in the morning somebody new joins and dies. It is all over again. 2- "Kick" option doesn't work to professional griefers. When kick vote starts for griefer, that person leaving the server. So kick fails and than he joins again for griefering. Another time vote starts and he leaves again before vote end. Making vote kick option useless. And yes there are that type of players in game. S: Solution is obvious, should not allow those players rejoin again if kick votes pass when they are not in server. You can also ban those players for days if they try multiple times. 3- Most public open servers ara empty in hard seasons which are not giving a chance to survive alone. Starting in hard season prevents continous gameplay and making new joins impossible. It can be difficult but not almost impossible. Why they have to be empty just because hard season? In addition, this situation off-putting players from game. S: Try to give some basic survival items at first join in hard seasons to let them survive at least for a few days. Give some flints, grass, twigs, logs. Not too much, barely survive for few days, then they can go on their own. Thermal stone for winter, umbrella for spring, straw hat and whirly wind for summer. They even dont have to be %100 durability. Guaranteeing a few grass and saplings near portal is really not enough. Don't rely on mods or admins, because there are none of them in public servers. 4-There are some Florid Postern/Portal griefers beyond other griefers who cause others players die at the start of the game without chance of survive. Reading tentacle book in spawn, planting spider eggs, lure plants and even building wooden signs to unable to move at portal. It mostly happens in endless game but also in long term survival. Even dead players skeletons can block portal, one player can do it by dying a hundred times in endless game. Don't underestimate it, there are that type of players. S: You should make Florid Postern/Portal area protected for anything else. Don't allow buildings, skeletons, farms, spiders dens. Nothing. 5- Game modes doesn't allow good public co-op gameplay most times. Beyond griefer issues, newbie players can make deadly mistakes those collapse whole gameplay. Or personal mistakes affect seriosly other players which make co-op games difficult. All game modes; endless, survival, wildernessn and default world options are not suitable enough for public co-op teamplays. I agree on, it is not possile to make it perfect but still can be much better. S: You can add new game mode and make it default for dedicated servers. Make some changements on default options and add new ones for it. Less wild fires, some possible anti-grief precautions (still it can not prevented by all). Fire spread can be limited to avoid lose whole base by griefer's first willow lighter. Even can add some chest protection/authentication. Make individual mistakes affect individuals. It will make game little easier, to balance add difficulties other team works. Increase mobs/bosses health, make other things more costly. I am regretfully saying there are more You should send a few Klei crews to wander in public servers. Problems I mentioned are too obvious to realize at first glance. I am open to discuss agreements/disagreements more on these. Have a nice day.
  11. It happened me yesterday too, but never seen before.