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  1. Yeah, it's normal. They don't want to put any limited edition proof of purchase skins.
  2. Probably because the pig warrior cry is bugged in the base game too
  3. The whole world (eventually) I start base near pig king
  4. The Chester Plush Replica doesn't come with a game code sadly. The replica was released before the idea of game codes (and skins I believe) The calico chester does.
  5. I should post this on here too o
  6. RoSe SKiNs WhEN
  7. Music Box Hutch plush with music in it Make the dream real
  8. Any character is best for solo, you'll just have to choose who you like the best!
  9. When you jump through a wormhole, you expect a nice, calm, peaceful area. Not today! It was nice coming out of the wormhole just to be surrounded by eyeballs staring at you.
  10. June 1 is the day Skin drops reset Time to get my pink skirts!!!
  11. Wes's Balloons > Wes > Non-Wes characters
  12. Wes and Wes You can never have too many balloons ...wait
  13. As far as I'm aware of, I don't think there's a way to spawn the toadstool cap. You'll have to spawn him with c_spawn "toadstool" for now. Why don't you like the caves? There's a lot of good stuff down there. Such as lightbulbs, ruins, bunnymen, fossils, ancient armor/gear, snurtles, tenta-pillars. Lots of great items there.