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  1. Woah i don't think wilson is choking a turkey, i think he is like giving to the animal something to revive it, at least it's what i have always believed XD
  2. Lol why? The heart itself doesn't take health from you, it's crafting it that does that!
  3. How i would change the update, 2 possible Paths: Path 1 -The summer ponds item drop pool is increased, it can also drop stuff like gears, blueprints, used weapons and clothes, eels, telltale hearths and more... -The Antlion can drop more items, like Gems and Thelucite (Chance is quite low however), also more exclusive rare antlion blueprints... Path 2 -Antlion rages every 3 days of summer -Antlion becomes a boss and it isn't no longer an entity like pig king -There are 2 ways to stop the rages permanently: 1) Go to the desert and kill the Antlion 2) Make at least 4 players die near the Antlion ( a fight however must be engaged with her), if this happens antlion will remain calm for the rest of the summer and the following thing won't happen -In the last days of summer Antlion comes to you and will try to kill you! -Antlion drops are very good, like the blueprint for the teleporter ( desert stone can now be fished from the pond), but also some items like the antlion claw to make cool weapons ( something that create and earthquake or stuff), meat and maybe some gems. I think both paths should also include some recipe for succulents, at the moment they are pretty useless...
  4. Yeah but for example I enjoyed Winter fest more and even now that many contents from Winter fest disappeared i still like it more than Against the Grain...
  5. Maybe i'm the only one but this update to me looks kinda meh... I don't know... The pond gives you only trinkets and blueprint for the goggles; the goggles only use is to travel to the antlion that after all is just a pig king that gives you materials to craft the teleportator and needs to be calmed down... Succulents are kinda useless, and boulders in the caves are just a way to extend the antlion rage underground, with the mechanic of carrying them useless too... And about the emotes i don't see anything special, they are funny but they are really a minor thing... I'm not saying that this is a bad update, I like the Teleportator for example, but i expected more from Against the grain: new mobs, a new boss, new weapons and items, basically i wanted some new rewards for the player, and beside the teleportator there isn't much left...
  6. Of course, I will! (Hope isn't a time limited event, it's late now in my country XD)
  7. Too late to get like even a single hair of a vargling? It would be wonderful even a snowkit, or a snowflake ewelet that is way cheaper!
  8. Wait, does this mean that after the event we can't no longer adopt the regular giblet? Also i guess Rooslet can only be found in the event, so if I don't get a rooslet in time i will never be able to adopt a giblet and neither a rooslet? D:
  9. It's hard to decide, prices continuosly changes so i don't know, if you could add something worthless to your offer just to balance a little bit the trade (you don't have to exactly reach the price of the armor) it would be much better tho If you want add me on steam so we can discuss the trade better
  10. Oh and I also forgot to mention that i have also some other stuff that is worth little but if you want to balance a trade they can be added: -Classy Striking Gloves -Classy Red Cardigan and White Cardigan -Common LumberJack, Buttoned, Collared Shirth
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=185227206&token=j1saQ-_3 Ok guys I think i found it
  12. This is my first trade, so i don't know how to create a trade link... Someone can explain how it works? I mean i have seen the trade tab in my steam account, but i haven't understood the trade link mechanic...
  13. Hi guys, i would like to trade my Shadow Suit and my Shadow Armor I'm looking for winter pets skins (especially the artic vargling) but others is ok too, of course i want to make even trades : i won't trade my shadow suit (around 3,18$) for just a snowflake ewelet ( around 0,80 $), however i don't have any winter critters, so i would like to collect as many of them (the winter broodling is the one that i like the least, however it doesn't cost much so it can be good to complete a trade), so just make here some offers and i will choose if accept the trade or not (Sorry for Bad English) UPDATE: trade link https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=185227206&token=j1saQ-_3
  14. Oh ok now i get it, uff i really wanted some winter pets... whatever thanks for your help mochilo
  15. Excluding the 4 winter skins that everyone got, winter skins that could be found like the artic vargling, can't no longer be found or you can still find them in the game now that winter feast is gone? If they can't no longer be found, you can keep them or they are gone with the winter feast?