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  1. @AnonymousKoala I'd do it. The comms afterwards would be well worth it.
  2. If you wanna mod your game and you are hosting the server locally you can change your tuning file. After you find and open your tuning file find GRASSGEKKO_MORPH_CHANCE = 1 / 100, and make the 1 a 0. This will effect all your save files.
  3. I went to gampedia to make an account. Page 1 Gampedia has merged with twitch and I see a log in button for both platforms. I click on gamepedia and am redirected to log into twitch first. I try to log into twitch and am redirected back to page 1. Looks like I'm going to be in this loop for awhile. Edit: removing cookies fixes the issue.
  4. Its not in the patch notes but Webber can craft eggs again. Thanks
  5. In my opinion, this has to be a bug. The idea is you get 50 naughtiness for killing off a species. Then you get 10 or less naughtiness depending on if you have 3 or 20 left. You can test that the doydoy counter is broken in game without even looking at the code. The max doydoy population is 20, we know this simply by waiting and watching. But if you bring some into another world, such as the volcano. The game loses track of how many you have and allows another 20 spawns. This is the same reason you can spawn krampus in a new world when you have more than 2 doydoys somewhere else. The eggs are actually counted as doydoys. Its just not every version of the egg.
  6. My guess is, this issue has been fixed in the current dev build. The update that actually fixes this issue hasn't been released to the public yet.
  7. To add to this, the same thing happens when you have 2 doydoys and an egg not in a nest. If you kill 1 doydoy you get a Krampus spawn.
  8. @ImDaMisterL This does appear to be a ROG issue. Would you mind giving a second opinion?
  9. O ok now I see what you are saying. I know op is probably referring to the same thing as my video, but since they left out any details you are right about that specific bug not existing. Since what I am talking about is a separate issue, should I make a new post or is this thread enough already?
  10. Well if you can reproduce it then why is this marked Can't Reproduce? Surely this should be either a bug or intended? Preferably a bug.
  11. I can Reproduce it right here. Wilson will not pick up the sand with space unless the sand is closer than the sandy pile.
  12. Jelly fish hurt the player when using the new spear gun. I assume this is easy enough to reproduce without more input from me.
  13. From the screen shot it looks like there is some open turf (that is naturally spawned) inside your base and sand bags. On the southern side. And the only water in the screen shot is coming from your entrance where there are no sand bags. In my personal tests flooding has never gone through my sand bags but it is more than happy to go around them.
  14. To add to this post, grass in mangroves also wither immediately.
  15. Same concept as a bullet proof vest. If you shoot your self in the head it doesn't work. The water simply went around your sand bags and wooden flooring only prevents flooding from spawning on that spot. Water will still spread over wooden flooring.