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  1. Did someone say torture chamber?
  2. Most of the shading wasn't on purpose but was the result of repeated erasing!
  3. I drew this about a year ago, and I'm still surprised how well I drew it! I never finished it because I was afraid I'd just end up ruining it.
  4. I've been meaning to post this here for like a month, so here it is: "Are we sure this duplicant isn't just several black holes in a trench coat?" But more importantly, where did they get a trench coat in space?!?!
  5. Tell me if I should add more choices to the poll.
  6. I can't link it but I can tell you the name: New cooking station recipes.
  7. I've tried to get the pirate birdcage literally 30 times! And everytime it's "sorry, but that wasn't quite right, please try again."
  8. Ban @DatShadowJK for banning someone who isn't on this thread!
  9. I had an idea involving that. It's in a forgotten thread somewhere, I thought they were pretty good ideas but... no one seemed to like them ... *tears up*
  10. Ban @ThemInspectors for making no sense!
  11. I just realized you changed your name. Did you ask Joe or...?

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    2. Xedlord


      Also... I've wanted this name for a long time.

    3. minespatch


      I was just wondering if another user was sharing your avatar. Before I realized, I was going to do a joke status and then I checked my thread to get your old username, so I didn't know.

    4. Xedlord



  12. SACRILEGE!!!!
  13. One of my favorite shows of all time was: Jackie Chan adventures, me and my sister loved that show! We watched it at every chance we could! (Whitch weren't very many) I thought that show would never end, and when it did, I was planning to rewatch it! But then it got removed from netflix. (I hope I'm allowed to say that)
  14. Oh yeah! I remember watching that!