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  1. forum game

    I didn't say her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I was trying to type it quickly so that some speed writer didn't get there first...
  2. forum game

  3. forum game

    I hear that Waterworld thinks I don't know his gender
  4. forum game

    I heard that I got ninja'd
  5. forum game

    I hear that Wm likes insulting himself
  6. Ban LadyD for needing reasons...
  7. Ok... after hours of long, tedious research... I! ______ _________ have finally been successfull!!!, in figuring out... just who made Redwards name!!!!!! But sadly..... I could only find... the identity... of one of them....... and I'll reveal who they are, after these messages!!
  8. FINALLY!!!!! I WAS DIEING FOR SOMEONE TO REVIVE THIS PLACE!!! Bane @LadyD because reasons...
  9. Also... HOW DON'T YOU KNOW WHO HE IS!!!!!!!!!
  10. I didn't remember if it was capitalized... do you?
  11. Does anyone know who made his name? I mean I know what happened pretty much (I was there) someone suggested "redward", and someone suggested "neighbor", and the devs (Jam and Yogurt) added "noved R" (I think they were trying to type more but they ran out of room) and that's how his name was made. But does anyone know who the people that suggested "redward" and who suggested "neighbor"? And if they are on this forum?
  12. I have an off topic question to ask! How long have survived in a colony?
  13. And remember folks! This isn't done yet...