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  1. Last big update was on February 23rd. I think next big update is on March 23rd.
  2. I'd like to think that I banned every griefer that griefed frequently. However there is always going to be new griefers as more people buy the game. This guy named "Clouds" is very persistent in making new accounts to grief. He doesn't have anything better to do i guess.
  3. Add more food recipes Klei! People just get on by with making only meatballs & nothing else.
  4. Edit: I did borrow other hosts ban lists though. GingerBreads list: 250 Sgt Cupcake list: 100 CarlZalph list: 70 cezarica list: About 50 My list: 350 All this is a total of 836
  5. Your server "Absimiliard's Kitchen" was the first Don't Starve server i ever played on :D

    1. absimiliard


      Awww!  I'm glad you liked it so much.


      Thank you for letting me know!

  6. About this group This group consist of players who love playing Don't Starve Together. This is a friendly group, so please be nice & cooperate with each other! There is currently 8 servers associating with this group, so feel free to check them out. Have fun, work together, and most importantly: Don't Die! (starve)
  7. Does anyone know when the beta will end? I'm tired of my friends being separated by it.
  8. I'm the U.S friend of Cezarica :^) My griefer ban list is over 750 griefers banned.