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  1. im just looking out for griefing, recently there have been many griefers on SU. gotta protect the SU servers.
  2. @ImDaMisterL is this thread promoting greifing? if so, it should be locked.
  3. pppppppppffff. oops i mean stagehand XD.
  4. everything you mostly just said sums up the endtable.
  5. when summer comes the oasis pond will spawn 3 fireflies and 18 succulents. then next summer come it will do the same if you captured the fireflies and grabbed the succulent.
  6. you do not need to keep feeding them unless you have the fighting one, if you do then feed it one stick to ride it. you need to make a salt lick to keep domestication.
  7. you know you were supposed to ~~make~~ adopt another broodling with the skin *facepalm*
  8. This was before the patch. This is the new one that takes 80 gunpowder.
  9. 80 gunpowder bois. we still soloing klei.
  10. hey bois, 80 gunpowder, you aint stopping this solo player, come at me bro.
  11. you're scre XD. me when someone talks sh~ bad about wx78.
  12. @minespatchalmighty artist memer, our quest to 100 pages is coming, we need to keep meming :>.
  13. but he has not soloed new toadstool ;>, @BluesyBuesy is ok if you dont do toad boi.
  14. nome likes all memes.
  15. It was removed it was Don't Starve adventure mode.
  16. But mandrake lives are not ;~;
  17. thats why i unlisted it ;>
  18. heyo, ye thas me, thanks for the credit ;>. I had the video unlisted because i dont think it is that good and it was proof for a friend. I might remake it..... :).