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  1. no, you just get a warm feeling inside.
  2. verify steam cache.
  3. its like inspecting a player now.
  4. ive posted to too much on the other thread.......and i aint gonna stop ;>
  5. devs were forced to put achievments into the game because psn would not allow no achievments.
  6. 1. can herds merge? 2. if you kill all but one in two herds, do they combine?
  7. Has nome ever been on stream?
  8. memer

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      Spanish Speaker
      ha look a double
      Don't make this racist now.

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      Don't make this racist now.

      Oh now that I look at it, I only said that cause he ruined the rhymes, not because he's Hispanic.

    4. Donke60


      I posted that before your post showed up for me so...

  9. I think that the stalker is metheus because of the horns on the mask that the staff dude has. all the transformation grows his horns and then the fuel weaver remembers everything and says it in quotes. he says that "his" city was destroyed. and a personal hunch is people and creatures souls can't leave this world or rest in peace.