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  1. then ignore it and move on /shrug.
  2. now all we need is for them to come back to life......
  3. thats just world gen shenanigans. you can use a weather pain i think to get it.
  4. lol, ill add it later ;> got to be fancy for charlie.
  5. i used a non gears wx, which means 150 hp. lol, gotta help the community. ;>
  6. there is a bug with where is my beefalo mod, or you might have lag compensation to predict.
  7. Warning: This is a guide to help those who need help killing fuel weaver alone. this guide is not for bragging rights and arguments to stir up. Ancient Fuel Weaver Health: 16000 Preparation and items to bring: Ancient key from Ancient guardian. 8 Fossil fragments from mining in the caves (stalagmites) Shadow atrium from the shadow chess pieces. Healing and sanity 70 gunpowder, one stack being 40 and the other being 30. Armor, marble or thulicite suit and 2 football helms and/or bee queen crown. Magic,1 Ice and fire staff with 1 weather pain. The carry, 1 dark sword The escape plan, lazy explorer The hand killers, Nightmare amulet Video inventory Note: I put the marble suit and nightmare amulet in the same spot to quick switch em. Text guide place the gunpowder as seen in the video, 30 far a bit from the 40. place the heart in the stalker. get some sanity back throughout the fight if it is low, same goes for hp. get his pathing AI stuck as seen in the video. light the 30 with the fire staff and then extinguish the 40. wait a while, klei nerfed stacked gunpowder damage. light the 40 next. the stalker is now at 2000 hp and will try to heal. try to run to the hands and back to the "wall" or the void edge so you don't get caged. use the weather pain and try to not let him eat the baby hands and skulls. leave some babys as he won't summon more till all of them have died (they die like larvae) hit all the unseen hands and strike him. you will be tanking and spanking. if you have to repeat again, do steps 9-13 again and try to not let him heal. Drops 8 fossil fragments back, some nightmare fuel, bone armor and the thurible. End note: you can blow up unseen hands with slurtle slime( @Electroely found this out ) Take care and have fun with ruins reset ;>. ~<3
  8. lol (best red cap eater dev)
  9. and some of the creators don't even update their mods most of the time.
  10. lol, misunderstanding XD
  11. from wiki. voxola is the radio name, and Robert Wagstaff is the founder.
  12. Wx-78 AKA Op-78: can heal off of lightning (telelocator+pet=100 each shock) 400 hp, tankaru and spankaru. ruins reset gives enough gears to hold for back up and base building. if charged, marble suit is a joke downside.
  13. Any client or server side mods used?