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  1. In my opinion on the recent update for beta, I think it is unnecessary to get a shadow atrium, kill AG, then kill weaver just to reset ruins. but its still beta ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. What does everyone else think without arguing? I just wish clockwork piles can come back.
  2. Maybe nome voiced charlie?
  3. tfw you have to go insane to break his shield.
  4. I swear if this is the way to reset ruins......>:(.
  5. What if, stay with me, royal jelly cured disease. Bee queen will be an even better of a mob to fight and it would make sense a bit with bees and plants Topic of disease:
  6. if you are lucky, caves might have 1-3 bushes ;~;.
  7. Thank you for the wise words all mighty potato cup lord, our patience grows stronger.
  8. All mighty potato cup lord ( @nome ), is it okay if you bestow any info on the entity you voiced.....please. qwq
  9. it is based on your cpu, try to lower settings and free up ram by opening task manager and see what is eating space(be careful not to end important programs.).
  10. you have already posted it dude Has the update come out @V2C?
  11. i only have the pc dst.
  12. You do know its March 21st... haha gotta go back in time.
  13. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯