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  1. Yay, new topic! ^_^ I wanted to get more related art done first before starting this. I think we're good now. First is a crossover I drew and posted in the Don't Starve art thread: Aside from no Nibel, there's other reasons he's not in this game: And I finally made myself as a dupe. I call her... DragonDupe156 "Dragon's my name and art is my game" I'm glad Klei decided to give them more colours. Blue suits my colour palette more ^_^ Shy Dupe is Shy: Oh and I made a digital version of my dupe. I added shading in an attempt to add depth: It definitely made the cut ^_^ I'll make a pic with her perks next.
  2. Just watched the latest Klei stream and after seeing some new stress responses, I had to update my dupe info: Idk what ugly crier looks like or even the full effects of it but it seems pretty legit for this sensitive sap XD Also: I hope I get those stamps now.
  3. I randomly got this idea last night: Oh wait, this could literally be used for anyone XD but Webber's the most innocent so...
  4. Aside from lips, it's still really good
  5. Nice! (Willow gun burn yo @$$)
  6. minespatch

    Or like Papyrus to Sans XD I like Wilson's expression in the last panel That "I am a bird" one is pretty funny XD I agree Yeah, that thread was too much to handle for me >_< So Gizmo's a Kittykit now? ^_^
  7. (Klei pls, this word was not used in a bad context XD ) While Otto waited for quote-on-quote "bird-brain" to return, he heard Nadas ask for assistance (well actually, just a piece of flint). He ran over to her. "There's rocks and flint all around us... would you like me to fetch one?"
  8. Sounds familiar... can't say I can get a jar of cookies for that :/
  9. Yeah but the person I was playing with didn't use them... he didn't need them ^_^
  10. I saw that first image on Tumblr last night. It was awesome! ^_^ And I like the Chester, Hutch and Packem drawing and the bee queen one is also pretty cool. Welcome to the forums. I look forward to seeing more art from you ^_^
  11. Cos roaming around in the ruins is enough DST for anyone XD (especially if you're never been in caves )
  12. Wait... so that guy wasn't William? XD
  13. Otto looks at Wallan. "Hey, why don't you extend a big shadow hand and b*tch slap that bird when it gets back? Oh and maybe that crab stick over there on that guys head for not accepting my truce a while back".
  14. Well the dupes proportions is pretty cute and simple. Idk how he wouldn't ^_^ Omg XD
  15. You made Batdork and Waargh into Dupes I see I see what you did there XD
  16. Is it a basic model for VR? (I assume this game used VR. If not, that's very disappointing...) No offense Klei, please don't hate me 0_0
  17. Hey I've seen WillowxCharlie before... I think. Same thing with WillowxWalani. Gay ships are weird What if she likes what she sees? (I'm hoping he doesn't strip all the way but a shirtless Albert fanning her must be heaven XD )
  18. Pfft, ok XD
  19. Hey, I recently registered for these forums (you may have seen some of my posts in the DS discussions and artwork threads) and I thought, why not post some of my artwork here. I recently started drawing DS themed art but I plan to post more of what I've drawn (such as dragons, FNAF, original characters, cute chibis, Spore, comics strips and perhaps even Old vs New drawing comparisons) which is why I put this thread in the off-topic area of these forums. (Due to my post constantly disappearing before I finish editing, I'm just gonna post the DS art for now. I plan to post more here later. If you want, you can check out all my drawings on DeviantArt, the links are on my profile ) Ok first off, I use to draw mostly dragons and animals because I couldn't draw humans. That was until late 2014, where my sister introduced me to this site called DragoArt. It had heaps of tutorials to help me improve (they even have DS tutorials now ^_^). And a few months ago, I watched some Draw with Jazza tutorials on YouTube to help more with proper body proportions and eventually got to where I am now, sort of. This was before: And this is now: One of the first DS artists I found on DeviantArt was ZombiDJ (which sadly decided to leave the fandom due to haters), but I drew some pictures based on her artwork and characters ^_^ One with Weejay (he was just so cute) : Before I decided to join the DS fandom, I had this character that was gonna be the evil version of me. After I drew my character in DS, I decided that it could instead be my evil shadow (much like Shadow Wilson or ZombiDJ's character, Percy) : I have since changed the shadow's design but I'll get to that later. My character in DS: When the characters in DS fight (again) : If I modded my character in DS, this would be the picture used in the character select screen (minus the wings) : I also drew my friend as a DS character as well (we play DST often) : (I used the face design on the left). Some Chester fanart: And lastly (for now) my reply to Maxwell's famous opening lines: XD Sorry for so many drawings of my character -_- but that's it for now.
  20. Are we talking about the same kind of otter here... cos I love them too ^_^
  21. Does Charlie suddenly have a crush on Willow? XD
  22. When I design a dragon, I tend to do a profile pose. Don't worry, I have more planned for these dragons
  23. This must be what dupes have on birthdays
  24. Ok so I realized that a couple people actually like my DS comic: Wilson meets Red. So I decided to post it here with a couple other crossover art pieces. Comic page 1: Page 2 part 1: Page 2 part 2: Comic page 3: I personally love some of Red's expressions in the first two pages XD Here are a few others I did before/during the comic. Science Machine: Carrots: Wilson's Squirrel Problem: And lastly, comic page 4: Edit: Should I post all my DS related work here or just keep updating my off-topic art thread with them?
  25. I'm curious as to what kind of mood Lipton was in when drawing these Atleast we know how splices work ^^;