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  1. Hey Lipton, will you ever make another speed paint video?
  2. How is that possible when you usually spawn above ground? Mods or...?
  3. Aw, poor Wilson :c
  4. It's head tilt is like a smallbird. It's so adorable! ^_^ And that pie pic XD Wilson's pose kinda reminds me of that Klei art stream last week.
  5. I wanna see pictures of that XD also you should totally name the bear Bernie I'll be waiting for screenshots
  6. No, that's Maxflower (... there are no sunflower puns I have for that :/ )
  7. I think the top of the tile should be either completely flat or criss-cross so dupes don't risk their feet falling through. Unless the tile is actually smaller than it looks (._. )
  8. Whoa whoa WHOA! How many reblogs did my DragonDupe post on Tumblr get? @LiptonPee reblogged it from @Quoth143 who reblogged it from @NightWonder7 and I think @artistcrab reblogged it also.

    An OC based thing have never got this kind of attention before 0.0

    I... I'm speechless

    1. DragonMage156


      And @NightWonder7 reblogged the ONI Ori and followed me. I'm so happy right now (there is no emote to express this).

    2. minespatch


      Congrats, keep up the work.:wilson_smile:

    3. DragonMage156
  9. That's 3D rendering isn't it? Awesome! ^_^
  10. Omg! This new The Calling remix is really cool! I was bopping like crazy halfway in.


    1. DatShadowJK


      You listen to TFR too?

  11. Nice skins. I particularly like the Glommer and clockwork one ^_^
  12. Wilsunflower is not impressed
  13. I think it's a combination of hair and face actually Spore has a bit more freedom when it comes to "our own custom style" but unfortunately, that game isn't meant for human creations XD (least not Sim quality). I wouldn't mind seeing what Maxwell looks like atm (alternatively, you could just turn him into William )
  14. Ok since so many people voted yes, here it is: http://oxygen-not-included.deviantart.com/ There's not much there at the moment but it's a start ^^; Also, if anyone knows how to run a group... please help cos I don't 0_0
  15. Yay, new topic! ^_^ I wanted to get more related art done first before starting this. I think we're good now. First is a crossover I drew and posted in the Don't Starve art thread: Aside from no Nibel, there's other reasons he's not in this game: And I finally made myself as a dupe. I call her... DragonDupe156 "Dragon's my name and art is my game" I'm glad Klei decided to give them more colours. Blue suits my colour palette more ^_^ Shy Dupe is Shy: Oh and I made a digital version of my dupe. I added shading in an attempt to add depth: It definitely made the cut ^_^ I'll make a pic with her perks next.
  16. Oh yeah, this is a thing. How about another meme? How dupes de-stress:
  17. Allow me to show you a quote I saw on the movie, Sing (wish I had a gif or video but I couldn't find one :/ ) : But seriously, someone give this poor bby a hug
  18. Hm... omg, I've seen so many DS OCs I can't remember which one this one is! XD
  19. Nice images ^_^ thought the first one(s) makes him look like a girl XD
  20. That spider is adorable ^_^
  21. Nice drawings but I can't quite read the caption on the last one :/
  22. Awesome! ^_^ I remember seeing that as your profile pic and couldn't wait to see the art Are these OCs or random dupes? Do you ship them? (Actually, dw about that second one ) Looking forward to seeing more ^_^