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  1. Replaced one of Mobbs newest works with it's finished version. Also I noticed Kooez didn't have his own spoiler so I fixed that too
  2. Either I don't have any stickers or my powers of observation suck (oh wait, they already do) cos Idk where mine is :/ Also, meme:
  3. My cute looks? I'm sorry I know you said it wasn't but it looks like a half human @Ysulyan. The green dragon parts, the clothes. Well... I know the outfit's familiar...
  4. Yeah don't stress it. I don't mind if you don't post art for a while
  5. That's awesome! Too bad I don't play Stardew Valley.
  6. I loved it and I'm sure everyone else will I also enjoyed reading the lil story tidbits with them ^_^
  7. Aw, I'll be her friend... maybe. How would she shorten Ria though?
  8. Wilson is a magnet for bad things XD
  9. Omg, I had no idea! Klei keeps changing their quotes to fit DST and I love it! XD
  10. Nu, da feels!
  11. Added more featured arts. When am I not gonna be able to do that anymore? It's lags real bad XD
  12. cramping my style.png

    Was that recently added?

    Klei plz! :(

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      You could make an "about me" tab on your profile, or use your biography for- well, you already seem to be doing that.

    3. minespatch


      Haven't checked my signature change so I'm glad its still there.

    4. DragonMage156


      Well incase you didn't know, I wanted to change the Tumblr link to my art one.

  13. I'm out of ideas, sorry (unless you wanna draw my entire cast and crew as dupes but idk how anthro animals would look XD )
  14. Woops... I over-favorited on DA XD

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      You, good madam, seem to be turning into @minespatch:p 

    2. DragonMage156