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  1. mods.png

    Looks like the standalone DS modders still have yet to implement antlion and the watchers (is that what their called? I can't remember, oddly enough XD )

  2. Pyro amalgamates? I think of that John Cena "Are you sure about that" meme XD
  3. [Insert a bunch of Got You Nose and Voldermort memes (cos that's what Maxwell would probably look like without one) here] XD
  4. Aw, the cuteness! ^u^
  5. "Eat your greens!" (Like for anyone who gets the reference)
  6. A comic? (Why don't I remember it? )
  7. minespatch

    Oh ok. And it depends if you have the money too. Easter's coming up though so it may have some kind of discount who knows?
  8. I don't think I can post a new one everyday (or even now) but here's one I drew a while ago. If my persona was a dupe: I combine two hair styles to get the desired look. Maybe you can use that for some ideas. The rest is pretty default
  9. It's a bottomless stomach dupe 0_0
  10. When a dupe's a loud sleeper XD
  11. minespatch

    Haha. Poor River XD Yeah I agree. It's a good game (well, for some :/ ) Well... idk. Maybe when holidays come up or somethin? It isn't a very long game but the story and music is truly something ^_^
  12. Whoo boy. Good thing you were able to reply before it got archived ^_^
  13. minespatch

    Aw, he looks so cute in this image ^_^
  14. minespatch

    "Don't talk to me or my Plat-plat ever again!" Thanks Mines! ^_^ And dw, I understand. Nothing you can do about hospitals and personal health Who's the other character in the image? XD
  15. Don't worry, I still agree. And if Don't Starve was an anime...