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  1. I mean, it did just grow from a frozen baby to a child. I'd assume it's partially enraged, but just nowhere near Dfly's capacity of engulfing in fire.
  2. Imo there's 2 ways to go about it. The first 3 ideas together, or the fourth on its own mainly. I actually love the idea of Weaver dropping it, though I feel it would be a nice way to give the Shadow Pieces a new exclusive drop. Personally I really do prefer the fourth idea to all the rest.
  3. If given one it keeps it, iirc. Can only return it if it dies in some way.
  4. I assume the Pig which the Werepig used to be had gold in his inventory, and on death it dropped. No clue about the rain coat however.
  5. Uhhh yeah that's not a good example, hunting shadows is p. easy.
  6. Maybe even something that temporarily pacifies hounds?
  7. I have to agree. It's also nice seeing you get more constructive, as opposed to how you were a while ago.
  8. It is, but the ways in which it is are not the ones you've said. No mob is all that complex and your ideas are going to make the Mactusks quite a lot more grindey, Pets/Critters were meant to be cosmetics and that is their only reason to exist(yeah mechanics are better, but they didn't come instead of mechanics, and there's a lot of new actual mechanics anyway), and most of the game works for Solo as well(yes, even raid bosses.)
  9. The bold part is really why no one cares about it. Not wanting it back because it's too dark is one thing, but it also was absolutely filler and horrible meat type, which was useful for nothing.
  10. Sleepy Dime Tales
  11. wher get sw sdt i need my cuclum boat
  12. Stop quoting me without talking about what I said lol
  13. Why did you quote me? I didn't say that
  14. 1. People complain about grind. What will that idea cause? Grind. 2. You're right. It's not a mechanic. It's cosmetic, and it's meant to be that way. That's why they never became anything more. 3. That I actually don't know. 4. So don't rollback. So get mods to decrease enemy hp. So get other mods to make it a better exprience for you.
  15. theory

    That is a big part of the feel in DST actually. The reason it feels less hostile is that it's tone, quotes, etc. are more towards them realizing they ain't getting out and might as well make the best they can of what they have, with each other.