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  1. friend of mine has the same problem and we cant delete it or update it, even after unsubscribing. seems to be windows 10 related
  2. that made my day dude, cheers!
  3. when was this actually? thats awesome news
  4. im just crossing my fingers that dont starve singleplayer gets some content too. probs wont happen though
  5. some background information would have been helpful. Thats just like starting with the punch line to a joke.
  6. where did you get this picture ?
  7. dst has a bunch of neat features such as the many bosses that are not in dont starve single player. I understand that it makes no sense them being there but... i want to believe. pls kleh mek mah deh
  8. AND I HOPE TO C****T THAT HE/SHE GETS INTO DONT STARVE SINGLE PLAYER. im optomistic because there were some voice lines for items that are only in adventure mode which are only in single player dont starve... unless that means adventure mode is coming to dst.
  9. whoever this is, is going to rival wilson for his delux weave
  10. WE GOT IT. so this is for 2 nightmarefuel, 2 Thulicite, 6 petals, 1 butterfly, 3 yellow gems, 1 walking cane
  11. i think we just set charlie free...
  12. so the order of the people in the murals is the number ohke