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  1. I wanted to add some background and ground so he would be continuously running. But I changed my mind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Don't they know that Old Bell was considered OP?! Why..?
  3. Legs animation is meh, but I got tired by trying to fix it.
  4. You confused Mena with Freya. Both are neat tho.
  5. Glhrmzz is the quiet one, right?
  6. I also think that server bulletin is better place, because it's a section where people search for new players for their groups etc. Also, do everyone really need to tag L? You really can use report button and tell it there ;_; Report doesn't always mean bad behaviour or stuff, you can report your double post, someone's thread and hint mod to move it in right place etc. I really don't like when people do it in post instead, so everyone can see how good they are. Especially these wannabe mods. Nothing personal Minespatch, I'm just getting annoyed by all of this ;_;
  7. Say pal, I... damn, I can't think of any funny joke.
  8. So one could say that this title would be a little... Late! da bloom tss
  9. The glass is half full... Of pineapples. It's also half full of coconuts. I always wanted to become pixel art creator, but I sucked. I came back to trying, once again. I think I see progress and I'm even happy with the final result you can see above. It's a good thing.
  10. Damn, these Guest of Honour ones are stunning!