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  1. De heck are stickers?
  2. This is not true. You had to confuse it with DS.
  3. Deerclops spawns around player, but targets structures, not player. So he could spawn offscreen and start whacking some pig house, then went to your base. Basicly, you need to keep some structure prebuilt all the time (I prefer sign) and when you run from base to fighr deerclops, place the sign down. If there aren't any structures close, he should go for the sign.
  4. He just wanted to give you helping hand and destory that science machine, which was useless because you had alchemy engine.
  5. The other thing is when server resets (everyone dies and new worlds starts, for example), it no longer shows up as "previously visited". If you have been playing on public servers then answer is simple - they got reset. It happens a lot.
  6. They do work on it, I believe. But still, I just want to drop this here: Steam really made people expect that their games will keep getting content updates. Back in my day Before the era of digital games you would just buy a game in store and that's it. Now when there are no updates people get mad. Eh.
  7. There is not a single one skin that is useful. That's it, they're not meant to give advantage.
  8. You know nothing, Watermelen.
  9. Classic Rick. We spent some time on his Discord server yesterday, that's enough for me.
  10. Yes, we misread it. It means nothing, I guess.
  11. Sorry for being captain Obvious, but name Promethia refers to chemical element - promethium, atomic number 61. Most of bunnymen names are chemical elements or based on them, Lanthan being my favorite. My dog/cat gotta get that name in the future, when I'll have dog/cat.
  12. This time I'm with T0panka, I never bought anything from Klei shop (yet), while he has some experience with shop and lives in country next to mine. Trying to convince IndeBox to fix shipping options is one thing to do. Second are these pick up groups. Sorry for asking so much about them but when can we expect them? Would be cool to have them before sale ends. Actually nevermind, it's gone apparently. I don't mind waiting to next one then.
  13. I mean... There is everything (in theory). That's why rule34 exists in the first place ;_; And yeah, looks like you were missing out.
  14. Hmm, yes. I should disable them and try again. Also, apparently it's sometimes possible, I was able to pass trough wrecked walls field recently.