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  1. I don't know. I tried. I have trouble with drawing stuff like faces, arms, hands, legs, boobs.
  2. Lectures about purifying lakes and poop. Yay. And I forgot my crayons.
  3. Can't really see it being related to ancients. Just some Max-Charlie things
  4. The bottom theeth are hard to see, maybe these are not teeth, the flowing fuel makes it look like there are "stripes", spaces beetween teeth.
  5. I watched the video, it's great mate. Just one thing added from me - I don't really think that Acients were horned beings. I mean, maybe their spirits posses skeletons when you resurrect those by using shadow atriums, but the fossils you find all around just can't be Ancients' skeletons. Why? It takes hella lot of time for actual fossils to create. Lots of stuff must happen to properly create fossils. In real world, archeologists find many relics and other items that used to be created and owned by ancient civilizations, that's right. But they also find bones of those people, not fossils. We can talk about fossils from really far past, before humans were a thing. Trilobites, anomalocaris and crap like this, you know. In conclusion, bones =/= fossils Also, where do you see mouth on atrium statues? I really can't see anything like this. EDIT: The statues look more like crustaceans, not insects. Just adding this to the pool, since my biological instinct told me to.
  6. There was also that one cool mod made by Mr. Skits, right?
  7. He kinda looks like me. But I don't have a head that big :^)
  8. Okay Giddy. I'll dump here stuff I drew when I was bored during biochemistry lecture 3 months ago. Edit: here, I made it somewhat suitable
  9. Yep, they're not very useful, just like in DS. If you have cave base then you can use them as decorations, or maybe some way to kill mobs (fenced bishops), but it's not that useful. And remember that earthquakes will slowly kill them anyway.
  10. Pretty sure you can't, just like with other followers. It will become hostile, same thing happens if you log out. The spot where it was when you disappeared will be it's guarding spot.
  11. Whoa, never knew that you also paint! I absolutely love the merm hut.
  12. Actually I never liked the opinion that Them = shadow creatures either. Like how would be this possible for you to mass-kill many of Them (fuel farming) etc? More like shadow creatures are just their tools, or weapons.