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  1. Verified the game cache, reinstalled the game - didn't help. The crashes happen very often, I'm unable to play. Playing without mods.
  2. Here's logs with disabled mods. client_log.txt client_log_2017-03-28-20-50-05.txt
  3. 100+ day, started to crash from time to time. 3 clients out there, the rest 2 are fine. We use the following mods: ActionQueue, Wormhole icons, Geometric Placement. Attached Logs. client_log_2017-03-25-18-20-29.txt client_log_2017-03-25-18-13-28.txt client_log_2017-03-25-22-57-16.txt client_log_2017-03-25-22-53-18.txt client_log_2017-03-25-22-33-35.txt client_log_2017-03-25-22-26-29.txt
  4. 1. Can't move items out of Chester using keyboard Shift+LMB if he was recently under control of a different player character. 2. Perishable items in Chester don't display theirs' spoilage stage until picked up. This is a very old bug, wonder this is still not mentioned neither fixed. I remember it being reproduced even in the beta stage.
  5. It is suggested to introduce structures scaffolding mechanics into the game for having capabilities to plan a base and estimate structures' placing in advance. If you are familiar with a game Factorio, the similar mechanic there is called blueprinting. P. S. There are some mods out there, which tries to do similar things, e.g. for flingomatics (see screenshot below). But the mods are just mods and they are not always do the things quite good. It would be nice to have such capabilities in-game and not just for some of structures.
  6. I can well believe it. Maybe saving process could be artificially performed rather longer and therefore consume less resources? I mean manually limit throughput of it and by means of it produce less lags then?
  7. @Sinister_Fang I'd say disabling it is not a decent option. So maybe there's an option to make autosaving more smooth by reducing server's resources consumption and therefore produce less lags?
  8. During the development period of the game the amount of lags greatly decreased and I really appreciate the devs for that. But the one that is constantly still there is a lag right on the arrival of a new day - even within LAN games with fast and stable connection. It is clearly visible if PC fights at the ending of the day and continues it on the arrival of a new day. In this case the mobs/bosses almost always successfully hit the PC in spite of attempt to dodge. And not infrequently it results in a very sad consequences, if you know what I mean. So it would be great to resolve these lag also.
  9. Right now Varg agro only on players and never agro on mobs. So, another one suggestion is here: make Varg agro towards mobs also.
  10. It is suggested to improve force attack leveraged by using keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F by default) in Coop mode (or more generally in non-PVP modes). As a starting point I suggest to not autoattack by Ctrl+F: Walls Wendy's Abigail Maxwell's Shadow Minions Wes' Baloons Any follower of any player (unless they are agro on you) Not frozen and not sleeping birds Of course Ctrl+LMB on any mob/structure should order to attack it as usual. P. S. I guess there are some modes, which try to do some similar stuff, but it would be good to have that as internal game capabilities, 'cause mods tend to broke the game, became outdated, etc.
  11. Auto equip same weapon from inventory after breaking in a similar fashion tools and armor do. Not sure about whether a dress does it, but if not, it also would be great have that capability also,
  12. Pretty sure you're aware of it, but nevertheless. We're awaiting for it to be resolved very much.
  13. I also confirm.
  14. The game starts to lag after a couple of hours of playing. Already tried the different options: -threaded_physics, -threaded_render and even -alternate_gc. If one disconnect and connect again, the lags dissapear, but return again after a couple of hours.
  15. Explored maps are not synchronized by Steam accross different devices (Windows, Mac).