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  1. OOOOOOH. This is why I was hyped for june 1st. Seriously, I've been all day trying to figure out why I was hyped
  2. unknown.png

    I couldn't miss this opportunity

  3. Good thing you started this topic, so I can drop a link for the new Don't Starve Gamepedia https://dontstarve.gamepedia.com/Don't_Starve_Wiki It's relatively new. The Wikia one was ported over to Gamepedia due to the annoying ads present in there(like, isn't it such a brilliant Idea to have a huge video ad that pops up and then covers 1/4 of the page? Ha). It would be nice to check it out, some stuff may be out of place due to the porting, but everything can be fixed with some edits
  4. What if I told you....I forgot it was even a thing? And I used to spend all day reading the wikia. Giving such game-ending power to some people that can break at any point of a long run is the worst deal you could make.
  5. :3
  6. I was not even around when this project started, but I'm already nostalgically hyped!
  7. I think you missed one of the play styles Joeshmocool style: done, now the list has been fulfilled.
  8. Are we really freaking gonna talk about freaking getting freaking custom titles in the freaking metheus page when freaking Wilson is freaking talking right in the freaking website?
  9. I got mine for figuring out how to solve the first part of the Metheus Puzzles(?) @Sudura2017 and @CarlZalph got it for figuring out how to solve the second part of the Metheus Puzzles.
  10. ooooooh I'll call it Stinky Feet disease! Pretty original, right?
  11. Dang Today is apri 21st? Happy Birthday, annoying but effective mechanic! You gave people a lot of mixed reactions And yes, I am subtly requesting a Diseased Wilson
  12. Spiders! Easiest food farm you'll have. Also the best one. Enough said, I think. Splumonkeys They poop, pick up poop and your stuff AAAAND throw the poop at you. They are everywhere and just the fact that they get crazy when the Nightmare cycle is at peak makes them the worst encounter you wanna have when you're raiding the Ruins Yes....Worse than the conveniently placed 12 Nightmare Lights that usually turn on right when you're passing by.
  13. MAXWELL Plz, I want Maxwell cosplaying Mr.Speedwagon Isn't he dapper?
  14. Are you sure about that? It's golden....mmmmmmhmmmm And the chest too.....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM