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  1. Wow, I forgot to update this thread. Nice call, spider. I didn't really stop drawing(No plans on stopping either, lol)...so...uhm..YEAH These first two were all about experimenting I also drew two Don't Starve ones.
  2. One day I got the only Red gem our base had and made a Night Light...Ha.haha Im soooo funi
  3. Heeey. Some really dope ideas you have right there, @michaelpie. Indeed, we have some of the concepts you made already, but well, they are concepts after all! I'm actually surprised someone else came up with the hammer for Malleus. Although mine is like a miniature version of the hammer I used in my concept for the boss. Crafted after picking a blueprint from it. Could have a tweak though Boy, I like the Tadpole and the Larvae. Even when based off a different style, they fit still well with the Salamantis I drew(not that that's the official design though) I want that big pile of rot ---------------------------- My turn of update now, as usual(of the last 2)
  4. We do have a direction for Lord Worm already, but that doesn't mean it's limited to just a giant Depth Worm. I can totally see it doing some dope stuff, like spawning other worms. I'm actually a bit nuts that after all this time, I wasn't the first to draw the worm tail Also A gif! Well, now time to show what I came for
  5. Thanks a lot guys. That really gives me motivation to keep posting them. I recently made this one under the hype of the new stalker that was kind of teased in the recent live. It was blurred out, but I tried to figure something out, even if I end up completely inaccurate. Well, this is what I did. I plan to make a digital version of it when the official one comes out. "Hey dulde, com'ere. Lemme show you my bones"
  6. Maxwell did not give me pointless base decoration while the focus was dense survival. Charlie did. Charlie is best.
  7. Play gameboy and then sleep, as any normal person would do with a mate. What else did you think? ugh. These people of nowadays
  8. Ever wanted to see art ruined by someone who simply can't keep the paper intact when drawing/erasing? Then this is the perfect art-appreciation Thread for you! I don't really draw that much DS stuff, besides concept art for Unnatural Selection ....So.... yep These are currently the only non-mod, DS fan arts I have with me atm(I one that I drew a Ruins scenery, what a bummer) Some of my non-DS art I'll keep updating the thread as I make more(or gain courage to post OLDER ones). Some of the drawings here were actually revamped digitally, like... Dayum....I hope no one is using limited internet, I guess I made it too big? ha....
  9. Hey dude, there's like A LOT of stuff I didn't even touch on, either cuz priorities or I just don't have any Ideas of how they would look, like The Salamantis Tadpoles and Larva and Trosstrich(What's even a tross?) Aside from Boss and Maria Roo drops, we have no solid concepts for items at all, so if you still want to do the drawings(after that awful response I gave, sorry btw), you could start from there
  10. Thanks for giving your time and effort to make these quotes and concepts, it's always nice to mix up a bit with other's ideas in order to get the best of both world. Though, as shown in the concept chart(which btw only contain the better version of each) back there, we already got a direction for the Lord Worm. Also, @ImDaMisterL is in charge of the quote work and I think all is nearly done already(given by how much time of his no life He spends with the quoting tool) In any way or the other, thank you. Essential Tail that is essential is not included. neither the freaking bottom of the worm
  11. the bootlegs failed me