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  1. im just asking if you do it as a hobby during your spare time, if so I have a possibly simple task for anybody that doesnt mind creating something for me, I would really appreciate it if you could create a modded character of me to play as, in all 3 parts of the game, meaning the standalone version, not DST, but if you feel inclined to make one of me in DST, then thats fine to.
  2. I'm curious if klei can push a update to your iTunes account for don't starve pocket edition, right now my game is stuck at version 1.00 I've already talked to klei support like 3 months ago and they says they would fix it, but I haven't seen anything yet, is it possible I can ask them to push a update to my account which would be the most recent update for the game, just to see if when I install it, whether it will fix my issues.
  3. So I was playing and building up my colony, I had 4 dupes in total, when all of a sudden when I wasnt paying attention 1 of my dupes died, but instead of a corpse laying around the base he disappeared
  4. Indeed, I ate a ton of monster meat and went after pigs and beefalo for meat
  5. I was asking earlier on how to bring up the console, ill try this and see if it works
  6. Show Us Your Colony

    not enough oxygen consumption and your dupes are breathing out CO2, also if you open a pocket that CO2 is filled in it can causes issues as well, algae plants thet suck up the CO2 will work, but just keep them filled with algae and place them at the bottom of your base since CO2 drops
  7. Show Us Your Colony

    ok, after watching several youtube videos and doing trial and error, i finally got a picture of my base ready, it shows most of the base finished, while the rest is set for future expansion
  8. 9 will show in red, so it the highest I believe
  9. the priority settings arent really working that well, sometimes they do the job that you set to 9, but other times they just ignore it