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  1. I'm curious if klei can push a update to your iTunes account for don't starve pocket edition, right now my game is stuck at version 1.00 I've already talked to klei support like 3 months ago and they says they would fix it, but I haven't seen anything yet, is it possible I can ask them to push a update to my account which would be the most recent update for the game, just to see if when I install it, whether it will fix my issues.
  2. Also I'm doing everything you guys are asking, but nothing is working
  3. Well unfortunately every time I remove the app and redownload it, I get the same 1.00 version when I should be getting version 1.10
  4. So I have dont starve pocket edition and am still having missing sound issues, like no outside sounds, no rain sounds, etc. So I hooked my ipad up to my computer and snatched the log file from the game app, does anybody notice anything weird about it? P.S. the log file is attached log.txt
  5. Looking for people to play some DST with. if you have any questions please feel free to contact me here on discord: https://discord.gg/GbS9B2k Rules: Server must be password protected No Trolling No Sitting on base (you must venture out and find resources to help the group out) Must be 17 and older Must have a mature attitude I have no rule against language, you are free to speak your mind must be able to work well with others, meaning sharing either food or resources to help out another teammate if you play as webber do not place a spider egg sake close to the base, place it some where far, but easily reachable for silk. you are allowed to use client side mods
  6. So I was playing and building up my colony, I had 4 dupes in total, when all of a sudden when I wasnt paying attention 1 of my dupes died, but instead of a corpse laying around the base he disappeared
  7. actually I think chlorine gas isnt really serious right now, I think it doesnt even harm your dupes yet, because according to other people dont worry about just yet because it doesnt do anything, I would just let it flow or box it up in a room and send a dupe in there to see if will harm him, im pretty sure it wont
  8. I agree, they are probably just changing some things on the store or adding new features
  9. have you ever seen Total Recall with arnold, remeber that scene on mars when the oxygen left, think of your dupes hitting the surface and sufficating from oxygen sucking out of there bodies
  10. you remove the pipe and you place the bridge pipe, the place the pipe back, it works for me, if its not for you, then it might be a bug
  11. Lol, well that answered that, just wait on klei they will fix it for you
  12. Then it's either a bug with your steam or something else
  13. If your running a unstable version of steam the install button can disappear for games you buy
  14. Try right clicking on it and see if there is a install thing, also are you running a stable version of steam or a beta version?