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  1. Nyees, very good outfit indeed! xD
  2. As "ImDaMisterL" says: So there is no, sign up for beta yet. Only time will show will there be a BETA or and early access etc.
  3. But still, the problem with ping on servers without caves is pretty annoying. Anyone got any ideas on that?
  4. Yes, I have finally found it. It is "where is my beefalo" mod. Big thanks to DarkXero!
  5. No, but I have the "where is my beefalo mod", which is almost the same.
  6. Hey guys, a little help needed. So here is the thing: When I host a server without caves everything is normal, except the ping for all the other players gets worse and worse until the game is unplayable. If I host a server with caves, the ping is fantastic but I am then missing some sounds like: beefalos, koalefants, and some other ones. I have no idea how to fix it, and any help will be appreciated!
  7. This sounds like a future TV show to me. Thanks a lot to the person making this post, you gave me a good laugh. ;P
  8. What a fantastic and informative thread. xD
  9. Many thanks friend, im surely gonna use atleast some of these awesome tips and tricks.
  10. This game looks amazing. (hopes to be a beta tester) xD