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  1. I think when a new skin set is released, everyone should get a skin for the character they have the most playtime on. Yes, that will defeat the point of them being rare, but do we really want to spend more money on character skins than the actual game?
  2. pvp balance confirmed, we're actually gunna be able to play pvp soon
  3. @TheMightyPikachu
  4. Just wondering, would it be possible to make a mod that makes other raid bosses lock their camera when they die the same way the Fuelweaver does it?
  5. Thanks! Would you allow me to upload it on the Steam Workshop (if you haven't done so already)? Mostly just so I don't have to redownload it manually... I'll give you full credit on the workshop page if you want it...
  6. I forgot to say we're running out of toast bread. We only have 1 slice left and I'm hungry...
  7. The recent update's fix on the voting system seems to already be working well...
  8. I like looking at it this way. RoG was an expansion pack for DST, adding new content over existing things, such as the addition of Autumn and Spring as 2 separate seasons (resulting in 4). SW is a whole new game mode, removing most content normally found in the game (evergreens, pig king, caves/ruins) and replacing it with other content (palm trees, yaarctopus, volcano). Adding RoG to DST is like adding sprinkles to a cake. Adding SW would be like changing the flavor. I find that logical reasoning for RoG making it to DST but not SW. SW kinda sucked in some ways anyway...
  9. I haven't personally tested it, but rollback should be repeatable for up to 5 times.

    1. Tosh


      Gotta love the boomshrooms floating across the map like pretty little snowflakes.

  11. Yep. There's an idle timeout disconnect thing on all dedicated servers turned on by default.
  12. There was this guy with his bots that would join the Klei official servers and use the vote kick feature to get rid of everyone (he used his bots to win the vote) then reset worlds. Now that that's fixed worlds could last over the first winter, as shown above. also, you can vote kick the ghost griefers out.
  13. Gosh I swear, these hound waves and depth worm attacks literally wait for the worst time. Out of the 7 times I tried killing Dragonfly alone, a hound attack happened midbattle 4 times. Practically every single Toadstool fight I've been in had a worm attack happen midbattle. Deerclops just so happened to choose my Klaus fight day as the perfect day to attack.
  14. It was due to the vote abusers messing up everyone's progress. Now that Klei changed the vote system, they'll have a much harder time actually resetting things.
  15. It will not get deleted when the ruins get reset. The ruins reset event only repsawns destroyed entities in the ruins (excluding thulecite walls if I recall correctly). You are correct about being able to trap monkeys by blocking their hutches. Personally, I prefer using the Houndius Shootius for monkeys. If you set up a wall that will stop them from moving ahead, you could set up a Houndius Shootius behind it, run around a monkey biome when the Nightmare Phase hits and go hide behind said wall. I've been using it for quite a while and it works like a charm.
  16. It seems like it from the descriptions of the skins.
  17. Well they're working on it...
  18. This is for all those who said that Klei doesn't care about vote abuse or willow being too underpowered.
  19. Welcome to the forums! In Don't Starve Together, the Dragonfly was turned from a seasonal boss to a "raid" boss. Now you can find it in it's own arena and fight it for rare gems and a blueprint for a structure. To compensate it's HP was buffed from 2750 to 27500, and now it can make lavae. So to answer your question, yes, the Dragonfly does in fact have 27500 HP.
  20. ? What do you mean? Giants don't even care about the existence of rabbits. Plus they can never go extinct. Even if all of their borrows were dug up, they can still be found (and caught) after earthquakes in the Caves.
  21. question

    To give 1 item, you could either Drop the item on the floor by doing CTRL + Click on the floor Separate the item from the stack by picking it up (as in putting it in the "mouse slot"), CTRL + click once on where it was, then the mouse slot item with a different item (as to not recombine stacks) then proceed to handing the item. I know this sounds pretty long but it can be done pretty quickly ingame. Put 1 of the item in a chest using, again, CTRL + click.
  22. This thread lacks some But currently there are no announced plans for any big content updates. Klei hasn't really said much or made an update after releasing their A New Reign trailer (which is said to be final one (not sure if by Klei themselves))
  23. To add on to this, please remember that this is Don't Starve Together. Many players play in 1 game. With these respawn rates, you'll get an average of 1 Tam o' Shanter and 2 canes with a 50% chance of a 3rd one. And most players do want a Tam o' Shanter when playing the game. With only 1 Walrus camp, that would mean that 6 players would have to get 1 tam at a time, once per winter (more if RNG is being nice, and of course there's a chance no one will get a Tam). Even 4 Walrus Camps per world are sometimes not enough.