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  1. The 100 day spooder boi challenge

    It's been fun lurking in the shadows...
  2. "Rock Guards"

    Actually, it doesn't work that way. Treeguards have a chance of spawning from a tree after hitting a nearby one (or the tree itself) with an axe. The game tries to spawn a Treeguard after every axe swing. The chances get higher the older the world is, as HamBatter said. Also, living / calm Treeguards will attack you if you start chopping a tree near them. They don't care about whether you haven't chopped a tree all year. One axe swing near them and they'll go after you.
  3. oh

    when ya get phatter
  4. I must add: You can check for the banned person's name or KU ID by typing print(list1[NumberOfBannedPersonOnTheList].netprofilename) or print(list1[NumberOfBannedPersonOnTheList].userid) The first one will print the banned person's name into console, and the second one will print the banned person's KU ID. These will only work after executing ThemInspector's first command. So if you want to check banned player number 3's name (from the list ThemInspector's command makes), you'll type print(list1[3].netprofilename) This should be helpful along with ThemInspector's instructions (which I was going to post here...). EDIT: list1 = TheNet:GetBlacklist for k,v in pairs(list1) do print(k,v, v.netprofilename) end Use this command to list the banned players WITH the name as part of the list.
  5. 1. Willow makes new players fear sanity. You should just kill the shadow creatures when you go insane. Newbies playing Willow usually learn that insanity = death 2. Players should NOT get used to playing Wigfrid. As a Wigfrid main I can say that I rely too much on my battle helm and battle spear, which are things only available to servers with Wigfrid on them. I can still play as non-Wigfrid characters if I have to, but new players should absolutely NOT get used to playing Wigfrid. If anything, they should either play Wilson or Wes. If they play Wilson, they'll get a good grasp on the game's mechanics without getting used to any special mechanics (such as specific character perks). If they play Wes, then they'll get better at the game faster (even if they keep dying) by getting used to the game as being more difficult then it actually is. I think what JellyUltra was saying is that new players should also know the "pro strategies", which would help them get better at the game faster (instead of raising them to rely on rabbit traps for spider hunting and using farms as a main food source).
  6. Giants aren't much of a problem. All you have to do is run away as far away from the base as you can when they spawn (or when antlion starts making warnings), then either fight or make them do chores for you (the Bearger is pretty good at chopping trees). Sometimes you can let Deerclops clear out spider dens for you, or make bearger clear out a forest and spawn Treeguards.
  7. You could just vote rollback...
  8. I feel like the official servers are good as they are now. The oldest player on the server (the one that spent the most time and supposedly effort) is the only person who can start votes, and you have the option to vote for a rollback or vote to kick someone out of the server. The only thing I feel like they should add to the voting system is the option to roll back more than 1 day in case someone griefs right before day starts.
  9. Clockwork Rook tips

    ANY drop that can't be cooked will drop from a burning mob as Ashes. That excludes irreplaceable items (such as the Stag Antler) and inventory items.
  10. Chester is missing

    Don't you just love it when it does this?
  11. Hounds In Summer

    Well, hounds seem to be very random in their behavior, randomly deciding to bark a random number of times after an attack, which gets them easily desynced. They're also much faster than the player and have a pretty long attack range, which makes extremely difficult to successfully kite in groups of over 4. Lets not forget that they also come from different directions. I wouldn't be too worried about a day 56 hound attack, though. Most hound attacks on days under 100 spawn hounds slowly enough for you to kill 1 by 1, as long as you kill them as soon as you can. If they start coming too fast for me to kill, I use my base's location to my advantage: - Pigs in a pig village can distract some hounds while I kill some - Beefalo will completely destroy hound attacks if you live near them - In the caves, you get worm attacks instead of hound attacks which are much easier to deal with since Depth Worms are slower than the player and very predictable. - Tallbirds can also take out a number of hounds, but you need to be careful not to get them mad at you instead of the hounds and in summer and autumn fire hounds could burn their nests. - Dragonfly's arena with 6 magma pools, 5 of which are on the borders of it and can be safely ran around without getting Dragonfly's attention. These pools also cause anything that touches them to light up on fire, so you can use that to separate (or even kill) normal hounds from fire hounds. There are probably more base location perks related to hound attacks, but these are the ones I can bring up off the top of my head. If you don't want to use these, you can set up your own defenses: - Tooth traps, as mentioned above, are the most used method of hound attack protection (personally I don't like using them for some reason) - A Meat Bulb can be set up in way which will make it only spawn the eyeplants it would in the borders of it's reach. This can be used to, again, distract some hounds while you kill off others. - You could build your own "pig village" (a Bunnyman village could work better, but you need to make sure you aren't holding any meat) and keep them out of their houses at night by baiting them with a walled up food item. - You could drop a load of flammables around an Ice Flingomatic (I use mini signs, which come at the price of 1 per log (1 board makes 4 of them)) and light them up on fire when a hound attack is coming. Hounds will freeze after being hit with 1 snowball. Ice hounds cannot be frozen, which may cause this strategy to be ineffective in cases where more ice hounds come than normal ones in winter or spring. - Webber can walk around webbed turf without making spiders come after him or being slowed down, which you can use to your advantage by planting a bunch of them (preferably protected by an Ice Flingomatic) and running to them when a hound attack approaches.
  12. I believe the tentacles are meant to spawn outside the walls.
  13. oh

  14. Bring back caves only

    To host a caves-only non-dedicated server: Step 1: Assuming you are on Windows, go to Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether Step 2: Download the attached "worldgenoverride.lua" file and put it in the DoNotStarveTogether folder. worldgenoverride.lua (Right click -> Save target as) Step 3: Generate a new world through the Host Game menu, and leave caves off and do NOT change anything in the world generation settings (I'm not sure whether this would affect it or not but just in case) Step 4: You will spawn in a caves-only world. If you want to generate a normal world, delete, move or rename the file you downloaded into somewhere / something else and generate the world.
  15. Didn't sleep much...
  16. Heck, I'm a few hours too late. I took a screenshot this morning to report it but I fell asleep...
  17. Depth Worm drops

    I've been dealing with them for a while and they don't seem to attack walls/fences. They can attack over them, though.
  18. klei pls i want to actually play pvp - Pan flutes and Wickerbottom's Sleepytime Stories book should NOT work. If you get any of those, you basically win the game. - Logging off should leave the player on the server until the fighting music stops on their side and for 5 seconds if they're not in a fight. Using sinkholes to disconnect by pressing "Cancel" while traveling should take the player down to the caves and leave them there for 10 seconds after they spawn, which should give the attacker enough time to get them engaged in combat again in case they try to combat log. - Players that have less than 3 in-game days should be immune to other players and should not be able to attack other players, to prevent spawn killing. - These are changes that should be implemented in both PvP and CO-OP. Players hiding inside bush hats are invisible on the map, have a normal "Berry Bush" name and white text color when the mouse is used to hover over them, always face the same direction as other berry bushes when hiding and can be picked, which will result in the hiding player coming out of the bush. Any extra ideas? I'd love to hear some in the replies. Or does PvP actually not matter in this game? Personally I'd love to see it balanced and fixed so more players would find it fun to play.
  19. Could you upload your caves and master's server.ini and the server's cluster.ini?
  20. I'd like to host a dedicated server and play survival on it, but pressing the ~ button and typing c_sethealth(1) in emergencies is a thing I can not resist doing because of how easy it is. I know there are probably mods that can disable console, but before I have to resort to that, I'd like to know if there's a way I could host a server without being admin in it (server seems to make me admin from the cluster key).
  21. I'll use this for now, but I'm wondering if there's a way to not be admin while using your own cluster token.
  22. send help

    I got the same problem by deleting the save file as the server launched (I didn't want to close the server or regenerate the world through console). Maybe that was it?
  23. Creative Glitch

    "You must have the fixed version of Too Many Items enabled."
  24. Rushing the Ruins (DST)

    Yeah, my test world was surface-only so I kinda had to improvise... If you want them farm them outside of nightmare cycle (for example running low on food and need it immediately) you can have them agro on you and chase them towards the wall. If you have a marble sculpture as part of it they'll run into the wall trying to avoid you, which would let you kill it and enjoy your 1 banana and 1 morsel.