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  1. I would. You just need to have good inventory management and an item storage center in the ruins to raid them without a backpack.
  2. It could be caused by some client mods. From personal experience the shift button ends up getting held even when not pressed randomly when loading the game, which causes me to be unable to interact with monsters due to the "Action Queue" mod. If it's a client mod I don't think they can help.

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      The Abigail buff we needed. :^)

  4. This seems to be caused by the same thing I reported here: I don't think they're able to fix it since what they did in response to this is shrink the hitboxes of mushtrees and cave banana trees (which fixed the issue, although mobs would still get stuck at each other). Maybe they'll shrink the hitboxes of bees too.
  5. Miner hats exist too, you know...
  6. When you paste a long command into the console, above a certain point the characters towards the end of the command get replaced by random symbols.
  7. incredibly accurate tier list
  8. They mean the Guardian pigs. The ones that guard their nonexistent king by keeping you away from a huge farm of grass/food without even harvesting it themselves.
  9. IT'S WIGFRIDGE THANK YOU VERY MUCH <insert 15 more pages of the same points being made over and over again>
  10. Bee Queen plushie with Grumble Bee set anyone?
  11. It could happen. You simple use the command c_connect through the console before redeeming it, and you'll be able to redeem it ingame.
  12. Well, you tried. end me
  13. That is what they're suggesting:
  14. Sorry to hear about your condition. If you want to get help with code you might want to head (or get this topic moved) to the modding subforum. There isn't really an option to do it directly from the game without additional coding.
  16. help

    I want to make sure they don't spawn from random blueprint generation. I'm also making the blueprint a boss drop, so there's that... Thanks for the info on the TECH.LOST thing. I appreciate your help!
  17. I've been trying to make the Shadow Manipulator blueprint rare (for testing purposes). After some quick searching I found that the blueprint can be given the rare blueprint examination quote if the command c_select() ; c_sel().is_rare = true is used on the blueprint itself. Can anyone help me out?
  18. First off you need to collect fossil pieces from the caves. They rarely drop from Stalagmites (cave boulders) and always drop from Spilagmites (spitter/hider dens). You will need 8 of them (they are re-usable). After getting the fossil pieces you need to look for a specific giant tentacle, which you kill and jump inside the hole that it was in to get to a different place (much like a wormhole). Only one in the caves leads to the Atrium. When you find the atrium, you'll need to get through all the obelisks, clockworks and spiders. It is recommended to be ready for tons of fighting and bring a bee queen crown and nightmare amulet. Once you reach the room in which the gateway is located, you can "plant" a fossil piece then repair it using more fossil pieces. Once it is assembled correctly inside the circle surrounding the Ancient Gateway, you're ready to start the fight. The fight is extremely difficult alone. The Ancient Fuelweaver does many attacks you would need other players to effectively negate the effects of. He will spawn "Unseen Hands" which will make him invincible unless they are all killed, and can only be attacked when insane. The Fuelweaver himself will do a "mind control" attack when you're insane which will cause you to get stunned as well. Usually at the same time as spawning the Unseen Hands, he will make Woven Shadows, which walk to him and get eaten by him to restore 400 health each. Both the Woven Shadows and Unseen Hands have extremely low health, dying in 1 hit to any attack that deals damage. Note that the Fuelweaver has an Area Of Effect attack, which makes most minions useless in the fight. He also destroys any structures near him, his bone cage attack OR ANYTHING THE WOVEN SHADOWS WALK TO FOR SOME REASON.
  19. Time basically stops anywhere without a player nearby. Plants do continue to grow, and Beeboxes will make honey without flowers nearby (although it takes much longer).
  20. As you can see, the name of the "Ancient Explorer" is red. It's meant to be the same color as the Ancient Cane, if I'm right.
  21. Last time I checked it was classified as Elegant, although still unobtainable without the Metheus Puzzle (keep in mind he's talking about the ancient explorer, not the ancient cane)
  22. Pathfinder for both mobs and players sometimes would end up running into one object while trying to go somewhere. This commonly happens when trying to use pathfinder to go through a whole mushroom forest, sometimes when using pathfinder to get through the lichen fields (although connected lichen pillars usually get you first) and in bunnymen when a large pen of them is made for farming (they get stuck on each other's houses when running back home). I've seen it happen sometimes with mobs trying to go into each other (also happens with bunnymen and sometimes splumonkeys). It gets annoying fast since you can't use pathfinding reliably in the caves as a player or farm bunnymen / monkeys properly (you can't collect meat if bunnymen are nearby and monkeys will kill/steal your loot if nightmare phase ends while they're near the loot). I've seen a pathfinder API fix most of the problem (although getting stuck to trees still happens rarely)