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  1. Well, going on trips on it will reduce it's domestication. So you do have to feed everytime you ride.
  2. I think I recognize that server. Many of its mods DO use the forums
  3. I found it pretty cool how the camera snapped on the Ancient Fuelweaver in his death animation, so I thought, why wouldn't other bosses have it? I think it would be pretty neat if every boss in the game (yes even spiderqueens) would make your camera snap on them when they die. Just a suggestion.
  4. Oh. Thanks. Any chance we could get the camera snap thing back and make it an option toggled through settings?
  5. I liked that... Can someone explain this?
  6. Yellow amulets are fine as-is. The speed boost and light radius make cave basing / exploration a treat. Making it stop nightmares from spawning would be too overpowered since a Wolfgang could use it and eat lichen 24/7 without any downsides.
  7. What I was thinking was an option (along with the ingame dice roll and world regen/rollback) that lists players previously logged into the server and gives you the option to view their inventory and drop it at your feet. Only an admin would have this permission. That way admins like OP here could get back those items that were kidnapped.
  8. Gunpowder strategy should stay for the Fuelweaver. 60 gunpowder is a crap ton of gunpowder to collect alone. It took me 3 seasons to do so. And for those discussing how much gunpowder should be blown up at what time, blow up 20 gunpowder seperately then finish him off with the 40 gunpowders. I find it the safest way of doing it.
  9. 1. It's intended. 2. I agree. Thulecite stations are what makes killing all those clockworks worth it (apart from the gears). If we can't get the Thulecite statues back, can we at least have the clockwork piles respawn? At least those would give me the occasional gem or Thulecite. 3. I think the batbat isn't used due to the fact that you need 5 bat wings to craft it. The Thulecite club just feels like a waste of Thulecite, considering how rare that stuff is. If statues were to respawn then I'm sure many people will start using it. 5. I agree. Bee Queen makes way too many minions for 2 players. With 3 players (one of them being a Wolfgang, a Wigfrid and a Wendy) we barely managed to kill her, with Abigail doing most of the work. 6. I think that would be a nice addition. 11. I think ice glaciers are fine now. Ones spawned in worldgen don't melt, and those spawned by penguins do in winter.
  10. I find this kind of funny, how the Houndius Shootius works. Surprisingly it's not exactly good at dealing with hound attacks. It is much better for mob farms. Personally I use them to make sure no gosh darn bloody monkeys get into my basr when I'm going in. I also use them to farm monkeys at the same time. Since they'll target anything aggro'd on you, I get a bunch monkeys mad at me and then stand next to the houndius while they get shot down 1 by 1. I'd share my base, but it's the exact opposite of tidy.
  11. Question related to AG... Is it normal for him to spawn in the middle of the labyrinth? My world's ancient guardian scared the heck out of me by suddenly running into me in the labyrinth. I wasn't even close to his room.
  12. I'm pretty sure there's a rule against tagging this many people for a poll. If people aren't interested in a topic (I honestly don't want to start giving my opinion on whether Charlie or Maxwell should sit on the throne) then they won't visit it.
  13. The game just doesn't want to bother with illogical things happening to items when the oasis fills up.