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  1. Heck, I'm a few hours too late. I took a screenshot this morning to report it but I fell asleep...
  2. I've been dealing with them for a while and they don't seem to attack walls/fences. They can attack over them, though.
  3. Could you upload your caves and master's server.ini and the server's cluster.ini?
  4. I'll use this for now, but I'm wondering if there's a way to not be admin while using your own cluster token.
  5. I got the same problem by deleting the save file as the server launched (I didn't want to close the server or regenerate the world through console). Maybe that was it?
  6. I'd like to host a dedicated server and play survival on it, but pressing the ~ button and typing c_sethealth(1) in emergencies is a thing I can not resist doing because of how easy it is. I know there are probably mods that can disable console, but before I have to resort to that, I'd like to know if there's a way I could host a server without being admin in it (server seems to make me admin from the cluster key).
  7. "You must have the fixed version of Too Many Items enabled."
  8. Yeah, my test world was surface-only so I kinda had to improvise... If you want them farm them outside of nightmare cycle (for example running low on food and need it immediately) you can have them agro on you and chase them towards the wall. If you have a marble sculpture as part of it they'll run into the wall trying to avoid you, which would let you kill it and enjoy your 1 banana and 1 morsel.
  9. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough. It only counts loaded entities when ran as a non-admin.
  10. While the command will tell you a number, it won't be the actual number of walrus worlds in the world. It only counts loaded entities.
  11. There are 2 default sculptures. It's kind of hard to do since you would need the bishop not aggro'd on anything for it to happen.
  12. The nightmare cycle is slower than a day cycle. It goes in this order: Calm, Rising, Peak, Falling and Calm again. The effects of it are only active on the Peak and Falling phases. You can tell when it changes by listening to the ambient noises. You can also look at statues, although you'll probably be mining them. I believe the best way to predict it is using the Thulecite Medallion. While it does not tell you when it's about to start, it can you the current phase and whether the Peak phase is starting or ending. I keep one on me whenever I exit the ruins (for grass / twigs for example) so I don't accidentally run into the monkey village when the monkeys are in their shadow form. You could make a marble statue by placing down a Potter's Wheel (which costs 2 boards, 2 cut stone and some twigs) and sculpting a statue on it (which you can use cut stone or marble for + 2 rocks). If you can't afford that, I suppose you could try the dip in the wall, although you would have to manually get the monkeys into the dip by running from side to side and hoping they'll follow (which the small space between walls might stop them from doing). You can't really both hit them and dodge their attacks. What I'd recommend doing is bringing extra armor when fighting one, and getting nearby rooks to hit it with you (by using it as a meat/gearshield against clockwork rooks). If there are knights nearby, just step away from the knights' attacks while hitting the bishop. They don't drop anything good, so I usually avoid them unless I have to kill them (at the Ancient Psuedoscience Station, for example). Personally I don't like the idea of watching YouTube videos for DS/T guides, since I think most of them give inefficient tips for doing things (such as all those beginner guides out there encouraging people to rely on making traps for rabbits and making a base near beefalo for poop, both of which have better replacements). There may be good ones out there I haven't seen, but I usually try to tell players (such as ones I meet ingame) to not rely on tips from YouTube videos too much.
  13. but inst.isSane would not be a local variable. Instead, it would be a variable contained inside inst. So it would be different in every entity yet it won't be a local variable (local as in only useable inside the scope it was assigned in). ...That's just how I understand it, anyways.
  14. Are you sure the 2 lines I provided are inside the postinit? I tried it myself and it seems to work (although it doesn't update itself automatically)
  15. I'm not all that good at modding, but maybe try using inst.isSane = inst.components.sanity:IsSane() inst.isInsane = not inst.components.sanity:IsSane() and then using inst.isSane or inst.isInsane to check?