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  1. You're playing an alpha build. You should expect things to go wrong. Although reporting this here was the right thing to do. Just wait a little while and I'm sure it'll be fixed.
  2. @ImDaMisterL pls move this where it belongs Also, if you dig up berry bushes near your base then you have to deal with disease. It's the price to pay for easy-to-access berries.
  3. Your caves shard isn't set up right. You need to make sure the worldgenoverride.lua file exists and contains the necessary lines for a cave world gen (which I forgot and have no access to ATM due to being on mobile). When you don't have worldgenoverride set up right, the caves shard doesn't know what it's supposed to look like so it just goes for the default world settings.
  4. Ehhh, I don't think the data passes through Klei. If that's the case it would be impossible for me to have less than 100 ping. I believe the data is sent from the client (to receive join message and movement input n stuff) to the host of the dedicated server (to process info and make sure no cheating happens thru hacked clients) then the data is sent back to all clients (to show others moving and stuff). So the closer you are to host, the faster the server receives input which means less lag. The only part klei's servers have to with this process is auth token and player ID verification. I could be wrong.
  5. 3 possibilities I see: 1. Your server is on the main branch and you're on the beta branch. 2. An update came out. 3. SteamCMD somehow messed up and didn't host the server right. What OS are you hosting the server on?
  6. In a new patch shortly after my video Wigfrid calls the Antlion a "lion" and says "We've incurred it's wrath!" So the whole gender assumption thing is gone >.> Also, klei, I think Wigfrid still says "We pay tribute this day, ö great liöness!"
  7. Your hardware is too weak to support both servers.
  8. Having lived in a few ruins bases (and died in them) it seems to me that they do the chewing animation if they pick up an item, whatever it may be. If it's not meat, they drop the item back. If it is meat, they eat it. Either way they don't go after meat items. They just eat it if they pick it up. I could be wrong, though.
  9. Or maybe this update will have 2 sides to it O_O
  10. what have I gotten myself into
  11. The new update info kinda spooks me, I'm not gunna lie. I can already feel my heartbeat going faster than usual
  12. <3

    Welmo, then?
  13. I really like how you did this last update poster, Klei. I'm sure a lot of people expected a poster overloaded with content. Instead all you give us is a picture of 2 things we already had. Makes the whole update more exciting.
  14. Try disabling the firewall and see if that makes a difference. My guess would be disabling it should at least let anyone host instead of it being just you. Also, make sure everyone disables their firewall.
  15. There is no DST mobile...