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  1. no, i want keep GoH skins on steam. GoH look very better than Rose (but i like Wes Rose one, nothing more). please, stop talk about Rose, okay? i want keep rose on tencent.
  2. Wendy, WX-78, Wickerbottom and Maxwell is my favors. my main character is Wickerbottom because Wickerbottom's books is best farm, such berries, grass, twigs, feathers, morsels and better easy get krampus sack too. Wickerbottom is number one! i hate play characters: Wigfrid, Webber and Wes.
  3. i don't think so. better both head skin and body skin if you get both battle helm and battle spear. but one body skin, they get one battle spear is bad idea. better both. sorry about my english speak.
  4. I'm agree with @ImDaMisterL. we don't need battle spear with spear skin because very similar to normal spear skin. Maybe klei will new battle spear and battle helm skins be "Reward" rarity. i mean, if you have GoH wigfrid and Valkyire Armor, they you get battle spear and battle helm skin "Reward". i wish klei will add it. I hate play wigfrid, but everyone favor play Wigfrid.
  5. i think can use wardrobe with uncraftable item to change skin. are you agree with me? Edit: Sorry i didnt read next sinister_fang said. Kofy, i think you can't cane skin on tencent, only on steam. i dunno
  6. Well done, klei! now we waiting for fire staff and ice staff of Bumble Spear skin.
  7. add me to friend. i need buddy will work puzzle. http://steamcommunity.com/id/badscrafty
  8. i can help you. it's my code. i take your yellow code and you take my black code. okay?
  9. i were see Webber with white cat. from Webber Guest of Honor portrait unused. White cat for kittykit skin is good idea. i like cat, really. i'm so sad about Webber miss his cat... I hope white cat will back... Poor Webber... so what you think about white cat?
  10. I still looking for Wendy GoH. I give you 3 TF2 keys (7.05€) for Wendy GoH. http://steamcommunity.com/id/badscrafty/ Thanks.
  11. Looking for Wendy GoH. i give you 3 TF2 keys for Wendy GoH http://steamcommunity.com/id/badscrafty