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  1. Ah, this takes advantage of the fact that the pink guard isn't looking East until he has taken a full step. But the order of movement still matters - if pink moves first, he gets zapped, then yellow sees Monst3r and goes onto overwatch. But 50% of the time it's a better outcome. New Advanced Guard Protocol sounds great, hope I'll find time to play it! The new options in the Programs Extended mod sound good for a challenge too. I probably shouldn't try both together though...
  2. Not meant to be a speedrun, but does what it says on the tin.
  3. Sorry to revive a long-dead post, but here's a situation which happened to me today. Begin with 8 AP at square A. The path from A to C takes 8 AP, beginning with a diagonal step to square B. The interface shows me that this diagonal step to B costs 2 AP, so I infer that B to C costs the other 6 AP. Therefore I took two orthogonal steps (via a corporate safe) to B, leaving me with 6 AP, which turned out to be insufficient to reach C.