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  1. screen shot show case

    Cave... nuclear bunker? (Not my base/design, just something screenshot worthy)
  2. It's always fun to watch the creatures battle each other naturally in a word, especially in large numbers, but what about creatures that normally never would face each other? Would a half-dozen beefalo prevail over an Ancient Guardian? Would a flock of pengulls be able to take on a couple dozen smallbirds? Find out here! Suggest some interesting match-ups and put them to the test. RULES: For people running the tests, make sure you properly list how many of each creature are spawned in case the screenshot / video does not show everything Make each match-up at least a Bo3, for the various states some creatures can be in (Beefalo in heat/electrified volt goats/werepigs for example), and/or how quickly they aggro onto the target, as well as to mitigate the randomness that may occur in the fights to get the most likely outcome. Do remember that some creatures might be able to dodge damage more easily when they are working in tandem with another if they engage at certain times, be sure to include that! (see below example) List the casualties for each side for each round if not providing video / screenshots showing the outcome With the special exception of the more dangerous enemies which may need to be tricked into attacking something they normally wouldn't, NO INTERFERENCE FROM ANY PLAYER(S) is allowed! (Unless of course you are doing a fight test with Abigail) Environmental hazards (lightning, meteors, earthquakes) ARE allowed, again just please make sure that details are provided for outcome Let's get started! Deerclops VS (4) Mactusks 4 Mactusks is a bit overkill as demonstrated by their flawless kill on the Deerclops, 3 handle the job just fine, and even 2 could probably still prevail.
  3. Building off that if you want to bring in a reference from another game, Darkest Dungeon, that pulse could be the Heart of Darkness (very appropriate name for DST's situation) - the heart of the world, "the cosmic hideousness that dwells within us all." The cycles themselves being 'it' trying to break out of its prison or cage if you prefer. Probably not the case of course, but what a crossover that would be.
  4. If you get tired of looking manually, here's the commands to try in console: c_gonext("sculpture_bishophead") If you really did get a bug and nothing turns up, switch the c_gonext part to c_spawn
  5. Hardmode boss variations for the older giants like we have for Toadstool nowadays. Couple of rough ideas: Goose/Goose with a multi-shot weather pain-styled wing flap attack. Triggered by killing a mosling in front of it perhaps? Deerclops making the day significantly colder while he is active. Triggered by killing the entire herd of no-eyed deer during winter. Bearger being very aggressive if the player is holding food, perhaps with a lunging variant of his shockwave slam (think something along the lines of unchained Klaus). Triggered by fighting this giant in the summer, OR denying it from eating hunger-restoring food in autumn for a whole day No real ideas for special drops from these versions aside from maybe a blueprint for a cooling helmet apparatus. It'd be a better version of the giant ice cube headpiece minus the part where it makes you wet while you wear it.
  6. Could just have them go into heat toward the end of winter too if you want a bit of danger with your venison.
  7. Speedrunner's Delight That exit I'm standing next to was by the overworld starting portal. Monkey see, monkey screw you
  8. You aren't gonna teach new players a thing if you keep acting like a babysitter for them. The best thing you can do is to try to leave basic resources untouched and unpicked near the portal that way they don't sit around just letting their character die. You have to really drill it into their head that the first thing they should be doing when they arrive is not asking for handouts or where a base is (especially not that), but rather getting the bare essentials to survive, exploring, and becoming self-sufficient. I'd even advocate against leaving so little as a science machine at spawn in most situations, because this makes them complacent. Point them to the nearest cave if need be, but make sure they are the ones keeping their own character alive.
  9. @Shosuko Let's analyze what you just said most recently above. You keep falling back on this argument, yet you keep offering nothing to fix it, make it more interesting, make it different, etc etc. Do you see why everyone keeps telling you to just turn it off yet? You aren't offering suggestions, you are just giving feedback. This is your personal opinion and preference on a part of the game, one that you can disable at any point that you please. You are wasting so much time arguing that because you don't like something, that it shouldn't exist for anyone, but nobody is agreeing with you. Why do you think that is?
  10. Please understand what I'm about to say is not meant as an insult. I did read your post Shosuko, but if I'm being brutally honest here, it wastes a lot of words saying a whole lot of nothing. It's an optional layer of depth you can choose to have on or off, which is more than enough for this particular case. You base your argument entirely on the existence of ice flingos being a necessity, when in reality, just paying attention to your surroundings is more than enough to keep a base / section of the world safe. You have more ways than you had even in the original Don't Starve to extinguish fires and more time to do it. There are still some situations where it is a nice insurance policy, but people place far too much importance on them. As for smoldering out in the world, a great many things now regenerate in DST in contrast to the single player variant, odds are if it's an important resource, you'll be saving it, otherwise something like a forest you won't even bat an eye over, and you'll probably be far enough offscreen that it won't spread too much anyway. The point is, there are plenty of ways to deal with it directly, and an equally healthy number of ways to make it a non-issue, which is why I deferred to the simplest solution since it is the most effective and direct one here: You don't like it? Turn it off.
  11. If you don't want smoldering, turn it off, you have the option to do so at worldgen, what more needs to be said?
  12. Whats your Base biome?

    The swamp of course, I like to embrace my inner Shrek.
  13. A temporary band-aid that could become a more permanent solution would be to add a flagging system like in MMOs. Players could either type /pvp in console or perform an action that is considered hostile to auto flag (setting a structure on fire, attacking a friendly NPC following another character, etc). PvP flags require a cooldown period of ~5 minutes of non PvP activity to turn off, and things like resurrecting after dying in PvP would either unflag you, or give a 30 second grace period before the flag reactivates.
  14. @NeddoFreddo Do take note, he said at 0 sanity (the middle road from my OP) and not requires the actual sanity cost of the book, so 1 sanity = good2go.
  15. c_spawn("deerclops")