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  1. PM me if you're interested in solving the puzzle together. I have discord/Reddit/steam we can talk over. Edit: No longer need a buddy. @the-muffin-master and I did the puzzle.
  2. Oh I see. I guess that is a new bug then since I've never seen that happen before in my 1000+ hours.
  3. @cezarica I don't think this is a bug. It's always been this way. If for example you visited a location that had a berry bush, but someone removed the berry bush while you weren't at this location the berry bush wouldn't be removed from the minimap until you actually visited the location again.
  4. The griefers can do whatever they want with it regardless. There's nothing u can do to stop a griefer from hammering ur base.
  5. @hyiltiz Looks like u got ur wish.
  6. @V2C I think people at the character selection screen should be able to see system messages just like any other chat.
  7. An Ornery beefalo with a war saddle does 66 damage. (Ornery beefalo's damage is 50, war saddle is +16 damage)
  8. @t0panka I don't have a 4 on mine...
  9. As long as you have RoG you should be able to redeem the loyal skin. I don't think it matters when you bought RoG.
  10. @Zillvr Is it attached now? And it wasn't a dedicated server, and I also wasn't the host.
  11. If you jump through a wormhole it should teleport through with you