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  1. I did not mean to be rude or something like that i just did not see the date of the post I'm sorry if u found me rude by any mean.
  2. Great job on 250 I already made it to like 290 and still have no problems whatsover. i hope my screenshot helps you. you can look on the right how many resources i have my only small issue is sand. im just exploring now to get more algae, slime and sand so i have them when i need them. i think trapping a geysar or two to get u some water is really helpful about the ladders not connected this trick i tried and it works to save time and resources and be more efficient. duplicant will jump from one ladder to another so no need to connect them together for exploring.
  3. The ice melted it took so much time to melt but it produced a lot of water. I agree about the temperature mechanic is not that good right now but it does work at least.
  4. To be honest my reply was about a problem in the game but i knew how to fix it so i edited my reply to this did not find a way to delete it or did not know how LOL
  5. Actually there is a way to melt ice i just did it thought it won't work but i gave it a try you can use the Liquid Tepidizer to melt some ice and snow but i'm still thinking of a way to make it efficient because ice is everywhere and u can't build these all over the place. plus it only worked for a little and then stopped because it's not submerged in the liquid. I will try to put some liquid in it and see what happens because im on cycle 220 and want to explore new things.
  6. I only tested it on the snazzy suits they dont wear it but they get the effect here is a screenshot of that. I know it is not a huge bug like the others but i just wanted to help with the fixes