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  1. One of my pet peeves is seeing people stay at base constantly, eat all your food and take any logs, sticks, grass, rocks, flint, or gold you put away. Hell, they even take gems when they have no clue what they do. Probably try to make a ring out of it to marry a beefalo.
  2. Mine is seeing people asking "Where's base" the instant they join. As far as I'm concerned, if they are so dependent they need to know where your base is right off the bat, they'll just leech off of you.
  3. "Guys, where's base?" There is no particular death for this person, but it can be assumed this person will die relatively quickly, and to something silly.
  4. I want to report two players who were intentionally griefing.
  5. I'll tell you the same thing I tell every new player: Do not rely on the beefalo.
  6. "Hey guys I found a blue egg" Genericwilsonplayer dies by Tallbird. "Does anybody wants this?" Genericwilsonplayer dies by Monster Lasagna. "Let's camp near beefalo" Over the next 20 days I saw Genericwilsonplayer died to beefalo/starvation/freezing. "Cooked monster meat isn't that bad, it only costs a couple hp" Genericwilsonplayer dies to terrorbeak.
  7. I made a tutorial covering most of what you need to know, how to fight, how to be efficient, etc:
  8. Killing all beefalo is bad because beefalo fur and horns become unattainable at that point. It's also dangerous attacking beefalo as they attack in groups.
  9. Right. I actually do a ton of stuff in this video, and some strats are somewhat advanced. I tell people that I cannot stress enough how important fighting is in this game. You have to be good at fighting if you want to gather food effeciently. I played the entire autumn setting up a cozy base next to pig king and had a massive amount of food in the fridge by the first day of winter, including 20 large meat. The thing about this game is it has so much content and variety in how you can do things, no short tutorial can remotely capture even 1/5 of what this game tosses at you.
  10. I somewhat disagree. While you will likely miss things roaming at night, the purpose isn't to explore at night early on, it's to continue gathering and be productive. You can build a campfire if you wish next to some trees and chop them down or next to rocks to break those down, that is also fine. The point is to make sure you stay productive in your gathering.
  11. Yea, I use a mechanical keyboard and my mic is a yeti, so it's pretty sensitive. Not much I can do about that, sadly.
  12. I decided to make a tutorial video for DST for optimal surviving, up until winter, feel free to ask or input advice:
  13. I'm going to start doing that. Every single hosted game I've joined today (6) never lasted more than a few days.
  14. Right, but it's every single match that's not passworded or heavily modded. The ratio of inexperienced to experienced players on these servers is overwhelming.
  15. I agree with the basic idea of this post. Most bosses are almost impossible to solo and good luck finding random people who don't die in the first three days, let alone are capable of fighting anything.