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  1. Could be good if they added an animal that eat the twigs on ground / the rotten food cuz i'm tired of getting hurt each time i try to feed my Eyeplant the trash items i have , and the worst is that it doesn't work in winter :'(
  2. EFS? you mean soundtrack? I think making an unique music for lots of monsters is alot of work and since Klei is busy doing stuff like the new game,ONO and charlie sister ****. is gona take alot of time , but i'm sure fans can do it with mods. it's the good place i think.
  3. it's not even my final form Welcome to forum Waoh, if it's nofake i want one too , looks pretty cool The guys who make the blind box seems to make lots of mistakes with them so i won't be surprised if they made a mistake with the colors. (If you wanna throw it send it to me lol , i'll even buy it if it's no troll) Remembers me the rare amiibos
  4. What's your source ?_? Since the Winona troll and June 1 o i don't really trust the fanbase
  5. Welcome first of all. Diversity is something good and they must take a break of don't starve sometimes i guess. But they are 100% working on it so no worry, they gave us Metheus so they 101% won't stop update except if an important member die or if community leave cuz Klei added anime characters to the game.
  6. That's pretty strange actually, the code is supposed to be a gift for the ones who like the plush and not the inverse x). If you ask Klei , you probably won't have an answer so your better chance is with players, you should try in the trade category and propose something of same value if you want someone to accept. (If you don't like the plush, why do you want them In Game?)
  7. Is there a love triangle between the green alien , the girl (probably main character), and the super cool dude with a mustach?
  8. When a random dude destroy a whole topic in a single post
  9. It remembers me Darkest dungeon with borderland art , gona buy it if it get on mac and looks good :3
  10. Was there ever a dislike button? If yes why they removed it? (It kind of make the reputation thing almost useless) And is it possible they will bring it back?
  11. Willow is still here.. so stuff can still happens
  12. Was just by curiosity , but okay thanks :3
  13. Hey , that sounds pretty nice. Wanted to participe but since i'm not a really punctual dude and i forget stuff easily i saldy won't be able to come to your super cool event. But it's a freakin' great idea! I love it , should become a part of Don't starve together game modes (after Cooperative,Madness,etc). By the way , what are "dangerous gifts"? Is it a Gift wrap with 80 killer bees or something that spawn monsters/giants?
  14. Let's flood topics when it's 13th. Klei when they see the 13th june topics.
  15. -When you join a server with a French/English title and the two or more guys that are on it speak Russian or another other langage despite understanding that you can't understand them. -When you join a server and host literally dodge you and don't talk to you. -When you get insta-kick and you flame thinking they should set a passwurd.
  16. -When they don't ask "Where is base" the moment they join -When they know how to play a little bit (i don't ask for a Wes with 1200 days)
  17. You should probly post that in Maxwell memes since it regroup everything ')' But pretty noice memes , lots of fun :3
  18. Could be fun if you can get Don't starve characters "costumes" for your Oxygen not included workers... Want a Wolfgang to make electricity like a hamster *_* First gif & photoshop i ever did that look not bad.
  19. Pets are actually having an use : reduce sanity of the player in front of the screen with their annoying sounds "Working as intended"
  20. "We're always together, and never alone!"
  21. Why even bother pause? You can't pose the game,you fool!
  22. Everything is connected! According to some US calendar , Tuesday is on lots of calendars the third day of the week ! And what number do we have ? A 13.. Didn't expect Klei to go this far. And my post talk about 3 and i'm the first to post in third page i need to sleep...