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  1. They are not robots.. They need to take breaks too you know ! They have a life and all that stuff...
  2. Still , i'm pretty sure i can make a decent trade °3°
  3. I'm just hoping the portal lead us to adventure world so everyone go cry in a corner °3°
  4. Well , seems like we learn some stuff everyday gratz :3
  5. Why don't you just place some houses separated and kill pigs one per one every few days? I mean you don't need them to be Werepigs to drop the pig skin..(Bring a few spiders) And in worst case you can use the green staff if you're really really really bad at it..
  6. The fact that presets can't be choose is probably made after a good thinking.. if everyone could choose the preset , everyone would take the Grave one and reeds, etc , and leave the trashy ones behind so i think it's better right now. About the snurtle shell armor i think it's pretty op? All you would have to do is hide in your shell near a Salad Furnace and stay hidden for like 10 days before eating and hiding again... We are not snails!
  7. @TheKingOfSquirrels Why did you kill 'em? Couldn't you give them a shot and thrust them then rollback 1 day if they really where griefers (except if it's a dedicated MB)?
  8. Actually Maxwell is the fastest one to chop! But pretty nice guide , maybe i'll give him another shot since i hated him with all nerfs he got
  9. Seems legit for me , got my support for this stuff :^) I got a good idea for that stuff : the devs say a collection name like ehm.. And then players all make a full set for one/every characters or some skins for the items / critters (or both) Or somethin' like that i dunno
  10. Like that dude up say , a member & youtuber called joeshmocoolstuff do some pretty hard challenges , you can inspire from them if you want
  11. Well after Shipwrecked , they didn't really add that much stuff , just patched some bugs and all. And the puzzles are for Don't starve together °3°
  12. I could not find the command for activate only one , but here is the command for activate all at once : for k, v in pairs(SPECIAL_EVENTS) do if v ~= SPECIAL_EVENTS.NONE then local tech = TECH[k] if tech ~= nil then tech.SCIENCE = 0 end end end function IsSpecialEventActive(event) return true end
  13. I believe it's a new love interest
  14. The sanity stuff like for obelisk seems pretty hard to do since a player full sanity & one mad can stay both near.. What will happens?
  15. There are multiples subforums for a reason doods... Next time post here : But this item suck anyway , better craft night sword