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  1. No, not really. Winter is fairly easy to survive in if you've just spawned, as long as you can find basic resources like flint, grass and twigs fast. Yes, players will have to burn stuff to survive, but "stuff" can be a number of things, like just logs on the ground for example. Because of this, I don't find it reasonably justified to kick players during winter. Kicking in the last days of autumn is even more inexcusable, as that's more than enough time to prepare. However, summer is totally different. The only way to really survive the heat with basic gear is to just use a whirly fan and run around a tree. There's also the risk of said player spawning a wildfire, so it's completely understandable to kick a player during summer.
  2. Dying Picking flowers Wasting rare food items on meatballs Destroying pig houses for helmets or because they play as Webber
  3. Kill the minions when you don't need them anymore (CTRL+F). They refund you one nightmare fuel each if you kill them yourself.
  4. Huh. I guess I got excited for nothing. I was really hoping for a content update given the convenient timing, but then again, we just had A New Reign.
  5. Anyone except Webber.
  6. but I want one :((
  7. I just wanted to add that the Alchemy Pod skin bears a striking resemblance to the portal from Oxygen Not Included, which makes it all the more baffling that it isn't a loyal/reward.
  8. It should be noted that the tentapillar hole that leads to the atrium is completely random. You'll have to spend some time trying a few of them out. They work like wormholes after you defeat the tentapillar. Bring a nightmare amulet if you want to explore the Atrium. It is filled with obelisks that require low/high sanity to pass, and the nightmare amulet will save you from needing to consume food (like mushrooms) to restore sanity.
  9. Typically, when I join longer-running worlds, the spawn is stripped of vital resources. Most of the time I'll explore as much as I can without ever finding grass, and then have to struggle my way through the night with something incredibly unorthodox like werebeaver nightvision or firefly hopping, all while taking massive hits to my sanity. If you want late joiners on your server, state in the server description that it has resources at spawn or something like that. Otherwise, most players will avoid it for the aforementioned reasons. Because I play a lot of Woodie, I can usually get away with joining in the middle of the first winter, and survive without any help. Anything past that would be a gamble, though, since there's no guarantee that there will still be grass at spawn. Despite this forum's frequent talk of placing resource chests at spawn, I have never once seen a server with this, unless the base itself was connected to spawn.
  10. screen shot show case

    I bring my own hat and cane and Maxwell still has the nerve to call me ugly... I think it's high time to finally finish adventure mode.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Also wouldn't Wolfgang fit Soos' role better?
  12. I treat the backpack like I would any other equipment, by using it when it's convenient or necessary. By never using the backpack, a player doesn't benefit from the usefulness of the backpack. By only using the backpack, a player doesn't benefit from the usefulness of other equipment. If a player wants to get the most utility out of all available equipment, a balance has to be struck. Personally, I find the backpack to be very useful for early exploration, long mining/logging/ruins trips, and holding ingredients for crafting/building. It also prevents your food items from getting wet, or eaten should you die.
  13. The fashion melon is actually quite useful. The wetness isn't as bad as you think (because it has a maximum cap), and it provides insulation from the sun as well as cooling you down. This means that it's a better item for warm weather than the eyebrella. I've also been told that due to a bug in the game's code, the fashion melon also stops you from freezing. I've yet to test this myself, however. tl;dr It's an effective, cheap summer item for people who don't have a hate boner for farms