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  1. Wendy doing the waist drum dance! Hope all of you have a great chinese new year!
  2. Here's a Wendy transparent! Use it if you want.
  3. @rubidiumsart like Nichijou?
  4. I did 1 too for giddy
  5. friend wanted me to animate this
  6. I'm pretty sure there are billions more... The wendy over population is real.
  7. better add the pet...cuz I really want it...
  8. I may start doing animations and such! In unrelated news I managed to make it smoother and color it with grey and black in my spare time. hm maybe I should start animating something dst? idk
  9. This may not be ds related but it's good animation practice for upcoming drawings.
  10. My attempt at drawing the swamp
  11. lol don't xD you can just burn a lone tree xD