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  1. Or use this: inst.components.temperature.maxtemp = 60 Goes in the same place that SuperDavid mentioned.
  2. I got the game and once I started a world I felt betrayed immediately.
  3. I've run into an issue on my dedicated server, I've recently made reserved slots for the server and made a whitelist.txt. The issue is that I don't know how to format it. I've added all the Klei IDs into their own line (no commas or anything else really). However it seems like only the last ID works. I can't find any sort of guide that fixes this issue so any help would be appreciated. Example of what I did: ID_1 ID_2 ID_3
  4. Use ThePlayer instead of GetPlayer(). GetPlayer() is deprecated.
  5. Don't know how that will work with wilson...
  6. I don't think you need to check for mastersim in a addprefabpostinit, have you tried without the mastersim check?
  7. I wonder what the max amout of pages is.
  8. I think people are just misunderstanding what you said in that post. I would love pirate themed skins, but I think obsidian firepit's design is fine as it is. The alternate design you mentioned would be pretty cool as a skin for it though. I'm not sure how you can make cast-away look different than the survival set, what do you mean by "sea-themed"?
  9. I'm aware of how it works, I've made 3 whitelist slots for 3 people. However my whitelist.txt seems to give only one person in the list the reserved slots, so the other two (including me) don't get to use those slots. My problem is that I'm not listing the names properly (supposedly anyways). I do use the console whenever I do get locked out of my server, but working around the problem isn't going to fix the problem I've stated (Also I'm not always around, so when another admin tries to join but can't, things get frustrating). As I stated before, the point of this thread is to fix that specific problem I have. I know I replied to you with a bit of frustration before, but I should've appreciated that you're trying to be helpful by providing alternative solutions to the problem. I'm sorry if I came off as rude. I've found this guide before, but unfortunately you didn't show how to list multiple people (Unless I missed something). As stated above, someone on the list is getting access to the reserved slots, however only that person has access to those slots. Theres 3 slots and 3 people listed in whitelist.txt. Do the ids need to be seperated with a "," or what? Getting it to work with just one id is fine, but getting multiple ids to access those slots is my problem.
  10. This does not solve my problem, I know I'm late in replying but I didn't get notified people posted here for some reason. If I wanted to make it just between friends, I would. However the reserved slots are meant for admins to be able to come to the server in case something goes wrong, which is annoying because I'm getting blocked out of my own server when all the non-reserved slots are filled. I want to keep it open to the public, I just want to fix whitelist. I don't know if your post was directed at my original post or someone else about making a whitelist only server so forgive me for my lil rant: I find its pretty annoying when people don't answer the question because they just assume something, telling me that just making it password-only or steam group only does not solve the issue I presented. I'm sure if I included context, I wouldn't get these kinds of answers but imo when I just asked how to get whitelist working, people should answer just how to get it working. It was encoded in UTF-8 without BOM. I made it just UTF-8, I'll update this post on whether it still works or not.
  11. Tried cleaning our browser caches, no success. Hopefully its a bug that Klei will fix soon.
  12. Same issue here, I guess theres a bug that Klei needs to fix.
  13. Nope, although it stayed 1 second longer. I don't see how it can be a connection issue since we're doing this LAN tho.
  14. Something seems to be off, my sister and I put our codes in (she put in my black code, I put in her yellow code) and for a split second the 2nd side lights up and then dissappears again.
  15. Then here you go. speech_winona.lua
  16. Are we allowed to share her speech file? Because I've got a copy of it before it got removed. I'll share it here if its allowed.
  17. Oh wow thats actually pretty awesome! I can't wait to get it legitly. (I've should've dug into the files myself before posting the post above, my bad)
  18. The new armor gives you the shadow sheild effect when hit once(blocks 100% of the damage, but it still hurts durability), after the effect there will be a cooldown before it will block another attack. Whether or not its worth beating the Weaver for, dunno. It might be great for Maxwell users though. Heres a pic of what it looks like:
  19. If not, it should be a thing.
  20. Ban Destros09 for hatred against the majestic mandrakes
  21. This should give you nightvision once it turns night (or when you enter caves). Is it not working?
  22. I've been hosting a dedicated Server for few weeks now. It was working fine just before the update yesterday. Now whenever I launch the server, it will give me the "no auth token found" error. I've tried making a new token which didn't work. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, I would post this to the Dedicated Server bugtracker subforum but I don't know the password. or did something change and I just didn't know about it? Edit: It seems that verifying the files for the 2nd time worked. I'm guessing I must've accidentally downloaded the update for the main branch rather than the beta branch, causing the token to not work(?).
  23. Maybe try this: local nest = c_find("moose_next_fx", 30); nest:Remove()