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  1. Oh wow thats actually pretty awesome! I can't wait to get it legitly. (I've should've dug into the files myself before posting the post above, my bad)
  2. The new armor gives you the shadow sheild effect when hit once(blocks 100% of the damage, but it still hurts durability), after the effect there will be a cooldown before it will block another attack. Whether or not its worth beating the Weaver for, dunno. It might be great for Maxwell users though. Heres a pic of what it looks like:
  3. I've run into an issue on my dedicated server, I've recently made reserved slots for the server and made a whitelist.txt. The issue is that I don't know how to format it. I've added all the Klei IDs into their own line (no commas or anything else really). However it seems like only the last ID works. I can't find any sort of guide that fixes this issue so any help would be appreciated. Example of what I did: ID_1 ID_2 ID_3
  4. If not, it should be a thing.
  5. Ban Destros09 for hatred against the majestic mandrakes
  6. Why would the crab not have the attack animation? considering you need to port the crab's anim to even use the build the unused animation should still be in there.
  7. This should give you nightvision once it turns night (or when you enter caves). Is it not working?
  8. I've been hosting a dedicated Server for few weeks now. It was working fine just before the update yesterday. Now whenever I launch the server, it will give me the "no auth token found" error. I've tried making a new token which didn't work. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, I would post this to the Dedicated Server bugtracker subforum but I don't know the password. or did something change and I just didn't know about it? Edit: It seems that verifying the files for the 2nd time worked. I'm guessing I must've accidentally downloaded the update for the main branch rather than the beta branch, causing the token to not work(?).
  9. Maybe try this: local nest = c_find("moose_next_fx", 30); nest:Remove()
  10. Not sure, I don't mess around with speech files, but if you know a line that sets your speechfile then sure it should work. Otherwise Idk.
  11. I do love the sound of new mobs/bosses. Seems like a fun stuff. also I do a bit of mob-related stuff so hopefully I can help at some point maybe...
  12. Yes, use inst.CurrentModdedSkin to do this, just be noted its set to "none" on initilization (I think?) so you might have to do DoTaskInTime stuff calling a new function in masterpostinit. so like this: if inst.CurrentModdedSkin == "formal" then --stuff end
  13. It might be that the uiclock can't have any more (or less?) than 16 segments, at least thats what the error message implies. I'm not sure you can get past this sort of error via modding.