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      Join us on our official Twitch Channel, where we will be previewing content that are currently being developed for the upcoming Oxygen Not Included update. As always, the stream will be going live on Thursday, June 29th at 3:30 PM Pacific (10:30 PM UTC), only on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast. Note: As the game is still in development, game content shown in the update preview streams may change before going live on Steam Early Access.  Where is it?
      On our official Twitch channel here:
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  1. Nightvision has to be run inside of common_postinit. local NIGHTVISION_COLOURCUBES = { day = "images/colour_cubes/ruins_light_cc.tex", dusk = "images/colour_cubes/ruins_dim_cc.tex", night = "images/colour_cubes/purple_moon_cc.tex", full_moon = "images/colour_cubes/purple_moon_cc.tex", } local function SetNightVision(inst, enable) --This should be obvious if TheWorld.state.isnight or TheWorld:HasTag("cave") then inst.components.playervision:ForceNightVision(true) inst.components.playervision:SetCustomCCTable(NIGHTVISION_COLOURCUBES) else inst.components.playervision:ForceNightVision(false) inst.components.playervision:SetCustomCCTable(nil) end end --In common_postinit inst:WatchWorldState( "isday", function() SetNightVision(inst) end) inst:WatchWorldState( "isdusk", function() SetNightVision(inst) end) inst:WatchWorldState( "isnight", function() SetNightVision(inst) end) inst:WatchWorldState( "iscaveday", function() SetNightVision(inst) end) inst:WatchWorldState( "iscavedusk", function() SetNightVision(inst) end) inst:WatchWorldState( "iscavenight", function() SetNightVision(inst) end) SetNightVision(inst) --This is here to make sure the NightVision is enabled when a player rejoins. This is the code I use in my mod. I'm sure theres a better way to WatchWorldState bit, but it'll work.
  2. Which is why hes the villain in DS.
  3. Use ThePlayer instead of GetPlayer()
  4. For all we know, it could be a bug of the API. I'd say its worth contacting Fidooop about, and just because hes busy doesn't mean you shouldn't try to report a problem that you found/have with his mod, imo.
  5. I don't know why I wasn't notified, but no. Right now its Steam only, it will be released outside of steam when the mod is finished.
  6. Contact the creator of the Modded Skins API, he is the one that will help you the most.
  7. TMI is broken, find the fixed version on the workshop or don't use it.
  8. Unfortunately, this was a dedicated server crash and I wasn't online when it happened, so I'm not sure on what exactly happened. A terrorbeak seemed to have crashed the server when using GetDistanceSqToInst on a wes player. Multiple people were wearing bone helmets. Log attached.
  9. Hmm I was not aware that the health redirect doesn't stop stunning, my bad. I'm assuming the tornado is staff_tornado prefab. You may need to add additional code to the tornado stategraph to specifically ignore your character in the destroystuff function. I'm sure there is some form of AddStategraphPostInit (there is another method but I need to remember how to do it), however I can't look it up today. Since your character is summoning tornadoes, you can take the simple way and simply make a copy of the SGtornado (and rename it to something else) and make the changes and have the tornadoes use that stategraph when summoned. I'll answer back with a "cleaner" solution when I can.
  10. --as its own function above masterpostinit local function tornadoimmunity(inst, amount, overtime, cause, ignore_invincible, afflicter, ignore_absorb) return afflicter ~= nil and afflicter.prefab == "prefabnamehere") --you can also do afflicter:HasTag("name") if you want to filter it by tags. end --in masterpostinit inst.components.health.redirect = tornadoimmunity
  11. Its already in the game.
  12. Check your settings for the TexCreator tool (I assume you're using this). recommended is: Pixel Format - DXT5 Texture Type- 2D Mipmap Resize Filter- Default Also what version of Textools are you using? I actually had to use an older version of textools since the latest version wasn't converting the images with the settings I actually set for it.