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  1. I can finally have my prestiglomitator!
  2. Webber cannot locate the base.
  3. I've been slacking in posting in this thread recently. Hopefully this makes up for it. (out of everything that could've been my 100th post it's a maxwell meme.)
  4. If the mandrake quote wasn't enough already, we can confirm that Winona is, in fact, the big sister. Also as a side note, Winona could also have been a factory worker/miner during the great depression, based on her dialogue for the crock pot.
  5. everyone after completing the puzzle
  6. My gold for your black? Wanna talk over steam/discord while we do this?
  7. Not really, but considering it has animation files and can be seen on the tablet that holds the second puzzle, it's very likely it is indeed the reward for this puzzle.
  8. You're basically at the "end" of it for now. No one really knows how to advance, if there even is a way right now.
  9. I'm pretty sure that was always there, as far as I can remember anyways.
  10. That's what I thought at first, but in a previous match, removing the tile that was suspected to be the correct one would deactivate the light. Even when it was the only one. But not in this match, even under the same circumstances.
  11. Can confirm that this puzzle is buggy. Both me and my partner removed every rune after getting one light on, and the light still did not disappear.
  12. I guess I'll take black. Also, do you want to talk over steam or something?
  13. I will give it at shot, and I sort of do. What I do know is that we have to have the two different types of symbols, the runes and the squares.
  14. For the second part of the puzzle, yes. If you redo the first step with a different person, you can do the second puzzle with a different partner. The first step is how you choose a partner to do the second step with. As for my old partner, they aren't available. Oh, well forget that above then.