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  1. I can play with you, I'll invite ya
  2. Heyyy, here's link to my profile: I'm from Europe too, so hopefully ping won't be an issue.
  3. I'm in! I'm in! Add me! So, here's my reply to this thread, so notify me maybe (once eveything is on) (y)
  4. Meh, I know all of these servers, and frankly speaking, I haven't found anything interesting. As you've said, the progress made during the session isn't saved at all. I think more private type of game would be more suitable. Though it's challenging to find a host with a playstyle that fits mine, and the rest is like: "Go, fight!!!11 Blood and guts, must fight, must kill!!". whilst I tend to live my Don't Starve life among fluffy, happy animals and well-developing crops. Guess I am destined to Don't Starve Together Alone C'est la vie.
  5. Oh my God, I am so into that. I'm getting pretty sick of all these modifications, I crave an ordinary Don't Starve experience. So, um, I'm not hosting any servers like that, but I'll just stick around in case one eventually pops out.
  6. You can add me in. At your own risk. However, I'm wondering what 'a mature attitude' means to you - but I'll try my best.
  7. Any plans of the Amazing Maxwell for this week ;)?

    1. CIEMniak


      Well, I suppose it's up to you, Sir.

    2. Arlesienne


      Nonono, all up to you! Having you around would be great, though there's no pressure :)

  8. If I can help you in any way regarding RPGs etc., please let me know. Thanks in advance.