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  1. I spent a very long time thinking about what are those strange red things... But I just can't understand, and it can't be charged Nightmare Fuel. Can developers or someone explain me? D:
  2. Animate the shadows, I guess.
  3. Don't you mind if I break your mind's walls?
  4. I was going to describe that (like effect of mind on fuel) in Shadow's Properties
  5. What I love:
  6. Thank you KleiEntertainment for teaching drawing!
  7. No it is not
  8. About matter
  9. I am starting to post pages, which will tell you about mysterious substance, that can do everything.
  10. oh, well ...... :^D
  11. Finally I defeated my ArtBlock with game's help. (Not Don't Starve art. Nope. )
  12. Omg I haven't done anything for about 16 days
  13. Only this D:
  14. Hello. Here are a few skins of mine(and a blaster). I tried. (L ightning Rod) (Spear) (Ham Bat) (Lantern) (Dark Sword) (War Saddle) (Walking Cane) (Corn Blaster) Do you think I need to continue?