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  1. Klei Artist Brush

    I guess it's just her style then
  2. Hello. I couldn't see last stream live. But I will go insane if I don't find out what exactly brush Toni (who was drawing at the beginning) was using in Photoshop. I am not asking for skins png or tex files. Finding out what brush is bad too? Please, can someone help me with this damn good brush? It would be very nice if one of the developers wrote me. Thank you <3
  3. Max Kluzko Art

    Why? For Art.
  4. Don't Starve Comics

    I look at your comics again and again.
  5. Max Kluzko Art

    "The page seems special. It is made from many pieces of cut paper and pictures. Chaos."
  6. Dont mess with me or i will tear your ass apart cool
  7. Wooooow, huge THANKS!
  8. I think developers can add ONE new special book for Wickerbottom in DST. There are so many variants: Book of Wisdom to raise some sanity before battle with Ancient Fuelweaver, Book about Medicine and Wounds to heal teammates or TONS OF ANYTHING else! Let's start the suggestions and maybe Klei will truly add something
  9. Big Foot Backpack

    @nome pls Klei