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  1. Dupe-A-Day!

    My first reaction to Nikola like someone forgiv me plz
  2. Dupe-A-Day!

    well someone found bread and a toaster quick someone hide the research computers
  3. ok so ignore that title ha I'm just gonna assume these are bugs since they don't seem to be intentionally programed in (but if they are it's good AI) I've had some dupes do some...odd things lately. a Bubbles got surprised by a puft that went into the shower while she was showering and tried to get the other dupes to kill it for her. I had to tell them to stop (I was busy working on base layout and food harvesting and didn't tell them to attack it) a Nikola looked confused after I spawned something in with debug commands next to him and stopped what he was doing I know the second one's just a coincidence but I'm wondering about what caused the first one cause I don't want my dupes trying to kill random mobs unless I tell them to.
  4. @255 the game runs fine on my pc, and that has an intel HD Graphics 4000 card. Wouldn't it in theory not work for either, or is 4000 close enough to function? secondly, couldn't the 3000 card theoretically work if more graphics settings were implemented asides from the current ones (which I think is mainly UI right now)?
  5. It's a 13 inch macbook pro, probably around 5 years old give or take a couple years
  6. as in the computer itself or the harddrive?
  7. ONI crash.rtf The game itself didn't give me any error messages or log.txts, so this is the log from the mac "Oxygen Not Included has quit unexpectedly" window. I did this just now, so about 1:15 pm pacific time the game window literally just vanishes when it tries to load the character screen.
  8. gotten to 30 dupes in one of my games without any doubles, and the printing pod keeps offering me ones I already have. I saw that there are more variants than that listed on gamepedia and I've seen some on videos that I haven't encountered in-game, so I was curious if any are only available in certain versions of the game.
  9. I've sort of tried that before and it isn't that hard but it's very pointless
  10. It depends. My dupes usually don't have too much difficulty with pathfinding and I only really mop up polluted water unless something's flooded since the dupes usually just collect any freshwater lying around and use it for stuff.
  11. These are just some general ideas for some things I thought of while playing that might make gameplay more visually interesting and hopefully aren't too difficult to code : more variety for paintings (several variants for masterpiece, quaint, crude, so you don't end up with a room full of colonalisas, still-lifes etc.) mobility hazards (certain surfaces can be slippery when wet or can cause duplicants to trip, sometimes causing them to drop things or risk injury, makes mopping up excess water more important. possibly also a clumsiness trait that makes certain dupes more susceptible) separate animation for the medical cot when a dupe is sick instead of injured, and possibly also variations based on how injured they are (it seems silly for a dupe to wear casts when they have a cold or are barely hurt) more options for base storage and construction (better storage compactors, ladders etc that improve decor instead of lowering it) overlays for other gasses besides oxygen more sustainable farming (last harvests have a slight chance of dropping another seed so a plant can be replanted) world border that's more asteroid shaped/uneven, maybe even chance of exploring nearby asteroids