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  1. That's really weird, because back then didn't miners think woman were bad luck in mines, along with people with red hair? I would ask why she doesn't also act like this to Maxwell but maybe he doesn't get too much from her because he's Charlie's beloved/ex.
  2. I didn't mean that in a rude way I just felt it was just the same as arguing who has the bigger breasts in the game. And I wasn't mad either. =p
  3. Seems less stronger than Wigfrid to me, if she's asking for a rematch. ^.^
  4. ...Wigfrid. Also I know being related Charlie probably doesn't affect your physical features too much but have you seen Charlie? She's more of a model than fitness trainer. We also already have a few characters that are combat oriented, I don't think Klei wants backlash for making another sub-par combat character that gets out classed by Wolfgang. But hey nothing wrong with having head canons or imagining what she might look like.
  5. Oh darn, guess I'll never see those cool Wendy gardens now that flower stacking has been removed.
  6. It's just a prank bro, it's just a social experiment bruh.
  7. This is how I imagine the Klei devs sound whenever they add anything useless to the game...
  8. No I just didn't want people to track me down and gut me like the ugly degenerate I am. Also it's like a week before April fools so maybe hold out until then.
  9. Ban DatShadowJK for thinking I follow normies, I only follow high quality memers.
  10. Ban Watermelen for spam, yeah I said it, come at me bruh bruh.
  11. Looks a little like polluted dirt.
  12. Hey we hit 150k views and we're almost at page 100!
  13. Bannerino this non potato cup believer.