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  1. People who keep saying that if you just keep the stress down its not a problem you're just a bad player are being ridiculous. Its not like this is a complaint about a dupe eating enough for 3 people. This is a dupe decimating entire food stores in one sitting. That does not line up with literally anything else in the game. There is no other stress reaction that is that bad. And it doesn't make sense in any way. Just because it isn't effecting you personally does not mean it is not broken. Stop trying to shut down genuine discussion of issues.
  2. oh this could actually be nice, I'd like to see this.
  3. Learning is a pretty valuable skill though since higher learning means dupes level up faster, so at the very least havign a way to level that up after research is done would be nice
  4. This happens to me a lot too and I really don't understand why. The path will be completely gree and clear but they'll just keep going back and forth till they die, or i notice and manually direct them out
  5. Ahh! Thats great, thanks for letting me know!
  6. New sources of power are definitely needed. The major roadblock I keep running into is not enough coal to keep my base going after about the 100 days mark. Everything after that becomes and endless struggle just to obtain coal no matter how well off I am. Geysers could be a good option to make power, as well as heat. Or just a way to create coal through some kind of refinement. A compressor could work. I also like the idea of farming hatches, but thered have to be a way to feed them since I don't think theres a way to remove items from storage and put it on the ground? Perhaps a way to create animal enclosures with a food receptical of some kind.
  7. this would be great! I mean who goes into space without a space suit
  8. oh gosh yes please! It'd make creating separate systems so much easier
  9. I like the idea of having a setting to set the level of stress so people auto use massage tables, and auto using medicine set ups! Removing that lvel of micromanaging would be super helpful. And if not at least ordering from most hurt/stressed to least
  10. Oh yes, I very much like the idea of a speedier way to move dupes further distances! Once you start branching out it can be a pain to get them out to where you need them and back in a timely manner
  11. I love the game but I've found that selecting the dropdown arrows inside storage boxes and on the overlay is a bit tedious because you have to be exactly on the arrow, which is rather small. It's not a huge issue for the majority of the time, but if you're moving quickly or you have problems with fine motor skills it gets a bit hard. It would be a nice quality of life change to see.