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  1. Yes, when you used CtrL- Return/Enter, you are able to see the whole map and select guards. Pressing it again shows you all the rooms the guard see, I think, and again and you return to the normal mode. You cant controll any characters with it, though.
  2. Awesome, two new mods in a day. Just something since it seems it is your first mod. We generally upload the modfile to this forum to allow persons with the drm free version to easily download the mod. I also added the mod to the master modlist under agents. Last but not least: Cool idea to let Prism KO her own teammates and transport them. It sounds quite powerful, but lets see. I also had a similar idea where I made Sharp capable of killing his own teammates but getting the unique augment from them. I have writen it to a certain part, but then I just stoped because Im lazy and have no time for it. It is also super messy, but you might wanna use it, so I commented some of the stuff. It currently just gives you m0nst3rs final mission augment.
  3. Added to the master modlist under mixed. Also, yay, no longer i need to use dev mode.
  4. I really love your rework of it, but Im not sure how it might play out in the early game if you meet them without being prepaired. Edit: Also new sound effects, yeah.
  5. Will the random setting be rerold every mission or will it be decided at the start of ther campaign and never changed afterwards?
  6. I think that the Ghost unit totaly need "Draco Sunglasses (TM)", they just deserve this because they are pretty badass.
  7. Yes, thats very true. It was both, I even found a picture showing it. Yes, I remember the discusion. I even remember someone bringing up unitghost.lua, which didnt have anything to do with it, just because it had ghost in its name Well, I found out that they aperantly are mentioned in my wiki logs mod in compination with K&O as there best elite guards, which in turn I had from the Invisible Inc wikia. Googleing also resulted in this post
  8. Why yes, I remember seeing the Hunter in the game (or was it another of the unreleased OMNI guards) when playing in dev mode. Also ghosts have been a discussion if they could be easily implemented from the files that still had some code in them (and they had been a while in your mod, just never completly implemented). Thor was the only one I never really heard of, but I remeber reading his description ones.
  9. You might have noticed, my previous list has been archived and that makes it hard to work with it. Since there have been some major problems with the system, with me just having less and less time, I decided to take another way. May I present you, the new Modlist as a part of the Invisible Inc. Mod wiki. It should be editable by everyone who has an wikia account, so a big part of the main problem should be solved. But whats more important is the wiki itself. The wiki is intended to be the future main place to document everything releated modding. It, at the start, will be more of an collection of our mods and language packs, as well as there own dedicaded pages. Later. it should include all the guides needed for starters and experts alike. Since documentation is a very time consuming and somewhat boring activity, I guess its more of a dream and the big thing here is the modlist itself I guess. Lets face it, we are not a particular active community and mostly build on a few who still work on mods. I personaly would put a decend amout of time in this project, but since I currently have a filled rl with my last 1 and a half year school (followed by studying marketing which should give me some more free time), my scientific research regarding buying behavior and not having any normal internet connection at home for more then a half year, I will only have very little timefor it, so if some of of you add some stuff to the wiki I would greatly appriciate it. Last, I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who was or still is part of this community. I want to thank cyberboy2000 and Shirsh especially for showing us what great stuff we can create, before and after the official modding api. I want to thank Klei for Invisible (you should absolutl consider more dlc, guys) and Jason for its community nearity (it isnt a real word, right? But I do not have the right word on my tongue, so this has to do). You are the guys why I started making small mods, the ones why I created the modlist. I have a lot of fun with you and this time will be remembered by me fondly. This shouldnt be considered a goodbye, but also not a sign for resurection. I will still watch over this forum and the one on steam, I will work on my new wiki when I will have the spare time and, if everything works out, maybe I will start modding agains. Wow, didnt expect to let the post become all that, lol.
  10. Its growing, muhaha. 2 months and 2015 views in 2015. Is that enougth for @Klei to start working on offical modding tools?

  11. Like the name.

  12. Added to the Modlist, under Gameplay
  13. Ok, from the modding point of view, we would like to work with you, the problem currently are the .kwad files and some encrypeted ones (needed to edit/change the portraits). But animation etc. isnt my part (just writing new game mechanics, agents etc.), so I might talk trash.
  14. Your edits are quite funny. It still seems some big edits change still seem the game make to crash. This could still be because other files where edited.
  15. Ok, it seems to works now, but I edit it now directly, might be the problem with the repacking, yes.