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  1. That is not a such a big problem, for example, you got a third arm to worry about.
  2. [H] TF2 crates [W] DST stuff

    You just ruined your own trading thread.
  3. Kind of a weird call since roles need to be random, don't you think?
  4. Just a workshop collection that tells you what you need to know without cheats, click "subscribe to all", I take no responsabilities of possible anger if you're an elitist who is against this mudpack whatsoever, blahblahblah, client side only.
  5. I want to know if any of you would be interested in playing a Mafia/Werewolf Party Game here in the forums, I haven't seen any so I want to make it simple so anyone can participate and get the hang out of it as it goes, if you don't know what I'm talking about, go here: I'm thinking of adapting some Don't Starve/Together mechanics as well, and maybe make the roles be based on the characters? I don't have worked on that part, so it's only an idea. I do have some rules from another Mafia I used to host, let me adapt them to a simpler version, here you go: Please reply if you are interested, I don't want to host it if few or none join.
  6. [Game Update] - 120

    Oh I can tell, I can REALLY tell.
  7. The fees from the community market already give them money, so a Paid DLC, and since Klei is seen very good at a company, they wouldn't want to screw up their reputation. Neither do they seem like they will because of the free DLCs and the free copies during almost release, and they have also made changes based on feedback. Klei obviously acknowledges what the community feels and says, and they make necessary changes from that. That just shows they aren't gonna do something like that anytime soon, DST even is "Overwhemingly Positive", that increases their sales too. Either way, with the topic, this is what I'd like to see myself: PvP re-balance (JohnWhatson's mod does just what I want). Better controls. Tick rate 60 by default. Showing names on top of players............. in vanilla. A better Trade-inn. More playable characters. Adventure mode. No player sanity drain in Survival PvP.
  8. [H] TF2 crates [W] DST stuff

    They might have the same market price, but crates need to be open to give something first, and only few of them give actually worthy stuff, and even then, it's only a chance. While DST common tier cosmetics can be worn at any time and they even look good in some cases. Hell, there are people who love them. Plus, there are sites where people throw their crates for free at others, and some people will give you 1 Tf2 weapon for 25 crates, that have to be specific and the same... so yeah, I don't see it happening ,sorry. Where's even the trade offer link?
  9. Update: Jul 2 @ 4:02pm - VUP5HO0 -Added Italian Translation. -Removed some unneeded code. -Fixed possible crash regarding important deaths and Greek & Turkish translations. -Added a configurable sound player, currently only for important deaths (Disabled by default). -All languages are described in english on hover now. -Date updated and version is described in-game now. -Version formula changed to up(date), number, ho(tfix), number. -Updated workshop preview image. Update: Jun 15 @ 11:18am - V0.0.5 -Added Turkish and Greek translations. -Announcements are now also printed in the console. Update: Apr 30 @ 4:07pm - V0.0.4 Added configuration options on what can and what cannot be announced (Click the gear in your server mods page, or check the modoverrides.lua discussion thread.)
  10. What did you get during the Steam Summer Sale?

    -Hotline Miami. -Geometry Dash. -Half Life 2. (+Episode One & Episode Two) -Portal. -Day of Defeat: Source.
  11. Yeah I can really agree with you with the controls, I sometimes wish force attack would hit the mob in my cursor instead of the last one that I interacted with and structures would not get canceled if I choose a wrong place.
  12. Wilson in the steam summer stickers

    It's from Rocket League and I've never played that so I dunno, you might have some homework to do.
  13. Yeah, you saw it. But you're showing it to us with giant complaints, so the proof should be a clip. Screenshots are easier to manipulate and don't even give proof in this case. Use any recording software when a player is griefing, check their name and steam account (via the steam icon button). Otherwise you're not gonna get much, and even then this forum has a name-shaming rule that disallows you to do this.
  14. Wilson in the steam summer stickers

    Did the whole sticker thing again but in my alt account instead, I got Wilson again but this time there was a car so he might be in luck.