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  1. Haha, will get to this sometime later, right now I've been spending time with friends, studies and a thing I'm developing, when I can I'll make sure to get the results.
  2. I think dodge the bullet went bad, very bad

  3. @Destros09 You just lost the game... both of them. @Mobbstar You received 4 choose points, feel free to PM me any humilliating avatar changes. Round 2 is up.
  4. I'm pretty sure this is possible since it is already in the game's code, and possible via the console, but as far as I know PS4 has no console, I don't own it myself and I don't plan to anytime since I don't even own PS4, but from what I've seen there's some limitations in it. The suggestions: Add the following buttons for when making a match: "Enable godmode." , "Unlock all craftables." and "Modify player speed." When one is enabled, and you check the pause menu, you can edit who has the three options (if you enabled it whe creating the match.) Again this is just something to add to the interface and is already possible in PC.
  5. I really don't care what skin as long as it's worth that. You can also send multiple CSGO skins if both are worth at least $1.15 No exceptions.
  6. How to play: You say /join *Amount of signs* Sign-ups run for 24 hours per round. Every join sign you make adds a number. I will roll a random number. If the random numbers is yours, you are shot and you have 48 hours to use the humilliating avatar I gave you for 48 hours as your Klei Forums avatar, if you don't, you are banned from the forum-game. The avatar must be at least 125 Width 100 Height, or just visible and understandable (And of course unedited). The usable humilliating avatar will be visible in the thread. Players who aren't shot can PM the host for the next humilliating avatar as their choice and gain 1 choose point per join sign. Make sure all humilliating avatars meet Klei's Forum rules, otherwise, don't use them at all. Current Humilliating Avatar: (Courtesy of Residays) Previous Humilliating Avatar: (Courtesy of Residays) This round's sign joins: Current player choose points: Mobbstar (4) Round logs: Destro09 and Mobbstar join Round 1, 4 times (Destro09 looses)
  7. Hello, I have just downloaded the mod tools and have already made some files to start modding, the problem is I don't know how to interact with Don't Starve Together's API, so here's where ask my questions: Where can I find a reference for the API of Don't Starve Together? If that's not possible, how can I start a function with the following?: Player connected to the server. Player disconnected to the server. Player has been in the server for some time. Player has not been in the server for some time. Disabling world resets and votekicking. Enabling world resets and votekicking. If possible, please contact me via Steam ( ) or Discord ( Residays#1278 ) because I am not very active in Klei forums, so if a large argument's gonna happen it'll be slow, thanks in advance. I'm pretty sure I can mod, the problem is I don't know how to interact with the API because I don't know how to reverse engineer.
  8. Although I haven't investigated the fees part, you are mostly paying the owner of the item.
  9. Server Recreated and updated a lot, also topic bump.
  10. I know a group but it speaks spanish, I'm sure some of the active ones know english though. If you can host, I might be of help, however you didn't share your steam profile url.
  11. Consoles to this day haven't reached the power of a mid-spec computer I've heard, anyway, all games in console NEED to have some things reduced to increase performance, because they can't handle what a PC can. If anything, you could try and make some kind of obstacle course for her to learn. That makes me wonder... how will you manage to do that.... mmmm.... I believe in you though!
  12. To add to this, every time I join a dedicated server (In which I am not lagging but that's a separate topic) there's never an admin around. Coincidence? I think not!
  13. Regarding Tick Rate, I think we should be given a -tick_rate 120 option and making -tick_rate 60 a default thing, I mean, it seems to solve a lot of lag issues with me and lot of servers and my connection and region is terrible (Venezuela) while all other servers are unplayable, Klei, if you can't do that, can you at least make players more aware of this launch option? Also, regarding world resets on survivals I thought of this: Everytime a player spends 20 minutes in the server alive they gain 1 "activity point" which would only be present in the game's code. Maximum possible activity points that can be held by a player is 12. If a player has not been in the server for 40 minutes, they loose 1 activity point. If all players with activity points are dead, the world proceeds to reset like normal. It is possibly not the best system but I thought of it because I thought some players get annoyed by progressing a lot then have somebody join, suicide and reset the world while nobody else is around.
  14. Note that I haven't tested this myself as my laptop isn't powerful enough but if you are able to do so then please be my guest. Things that you will need: Being able to run 2 Don't Starve Together executables at the same time. A different way to input controls into the other game (For example: A Steam Gamepad). So I was wondering if this would be possible, and I think that in theory it is, but I can't try it out because of my low specs, so I share my idea here on how to do it: Go to the directory your Don't Starve Together Executable is, it should be C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\bin in Windows. If you can't get there, right click Don't Starve Together in your steam library, click Properties, click local files, click Browse local files, open the bin folder and you're there. Now right click dontstarve_steam.exe and make a direct access. Right click the direct access and set it in the compability tab to "Run as administrator". Make another copy of this same direct access but add this line: -conf_dir DSTPlayer2 in the first box (It's called "Destiny" for me but I'm spanish so I won't promise anything). So now you have a second folder that Don't Starve Together will have to store things, hold Control/Ctrl and click both direct accesses and hit Enter, the arrow key or just right click them and click "Open". Steam will most likely give you a notification saying that Don't Starve Together is trying to run, just let it do. Now here you will have to open task manager, to do so you can hit control/ctrl + alt + delete and click "Open task manager". In Task Manager in the applications tab, hold Control/Ctrl and click both Don't Starve Together games then right click and click Maximize, they both should cover your screen now, so here's the problem, Player 1 will most likely have to rely on their Keyboard because if you click something then Windows will stop letting other applications receive input, however it is also possible that Player 2 can use their gamepad even if that thing is happening, if so, proceed to have fun but for sanity keeping I'll suggest making Player 1 make a lan world and let Player 2 join. Just configure the controls for both players before playing. Again, I am not sure if this may work, and if Steam doesn't let you re-launch the game, try and see if you can use another account that also owns Don't Starve Together, for example, a friend's who is staying at your house for some time or something like that.
  15. We have about 60 users now, thanks guys for joining! We're also starting an event Saturday 11 of this month and year! More information here (Spanish):