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  1. See thread (link at the bottom) for more details and screenshots. Eyeplant-spawning seems to be bugged (or I'm misunderstanding the mechanics), exhibited in a fight with bee queen. After 1-2 days of bee queen's presence, the eyeplants within bee queen's range will stop spawning. After a server restart in this situation, the eyeplants will start spawning (1 by 1) immediately after starting the sim, but the spawn pattern is erratic - the radius of the spawn ring is visibly greater, and large areas within it still don't have any eyeplants (though this may be because the enlarged radius now causes in-fighting between eyeplants from different lureplants). Also replicated with almost no mods (only "Fix for Too many items"). Game save before replication attached.
  2. As for Wickerbottom - yeah, it's just a randomly-picked character in the test world. Any suggestions for Willow? Exhaustion - is that an actual mechanic? Wiki doesn't mention anything about exhaustion or why eyeplants should stop spawning (other than winter and turf replacement). I'll take a look at the code and see if anything looks like this should be happening. EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but the square pattern continued further from the honey patch. and about half of the eyeplants of the outermost lureplant were actually outside of the bee queen's range. It was visible here, the eyeplants inside bee queen's range would not respawn, while those outside were still active. Onto the code: I see quite a few instances where lureplant's minionspawner component's shouldspawn field is set to false, but all of them are accompanied by the KillAllMinions() call, which is at odds with the behaviour observed. I see that there's also handling of fire damage, so I'll try again, eliminating those from the arsenal. If it doesn't help, I'll at least snap a picture of the half-barren lureplant. As far as I understand the code, this is most likely a bug. Please correct me if I'm wrong. EDIT2: Half-barren lureplant (BQ on its way back to honey patch, since I'm out of range): Restarting the server (even mid-fight) will cause the eyplants to begin respawning immediately. But with a twist - the circle around the lureplants now has sizable patches which aren't covered, and the outermost eyeplants are visibly further away than normal (on a newly-planted lureplant):
  3. Hi all. Has anyone tried using lureplants in a fight against bee queen? I tested placing 4 of them in a square pattern (7x7 turf tiles), let the eyeplants grow, and started the fight.. And for some reason, the eyeplants just stop respawning after some time of fighting (1-2 days). Is there some limit how many times an eyeplant can respawn, or perhaps an increasing respawn delay? It's a bit difficult to count, but I reckon the eyeplants were able to respawn no more than 8 times. After that, I was left with lureplants, with no eyes: is there some limit the wiki doesn't mention, or is this a bug?
  4. I'm sure nothing bad will happen when I chop down this random birchnut tree near my base... Later next day:
  5. Is using rocky turf as eyeplant prevention ever a preferred method? I used floors because I had the materials, but if I didn't and had to transplant turf, I'd go for sandy.
  6. Yeah.. I had eyeplants eat a good deal of toothtraps in my deathpits twice! Not anymore... Oh, and if you wish to use that design, put the chest (for teeth and gems) a bit further away from the edge, so it doesn't accidentally start smouldering from burning trees (inevitable with fire hounds )
  7. Note to self: When I don't have flooring for the tumbleweed farm ready, don't dig up the sandy turf! What the.. Shouldn't you guys be cursed until morning? Now's not the time to sleep, I need my pigskins!! Every swipe you take, every step you take, I'll be watching you... But boy, it takes a lot of steps to cross that gap..
  8. In a worldgen where another peninsula with a berry bush is beyond a narrow ocean gap, a bearger will target a berry bush on the far side and keep walking into the world's edge.
  9. Actually, is there any other tool (even for windows), which can convert compiled animation back into spriter project? (Mod authors don't normally need such a thing, since they have the spriter project themselves..)
  10. Mac, used for both ktools and compiling tools (had to get Corgi's fork, because, well...). I think I'll play with this some more and report the krane issue to simplex if I can reproduce it.
  11. @NeddoFreddo, this doesn't look right: return Prefab( "common/musicprototyper1", fn, assets, prefabs), MakePlacer( "common/musicprototyper1_placer", "musicprototyper1", "musicprototyper1", "idle" ) You're either missing a parenthesis, or have an extra comma there.
  12. Having looked at the scml file, simply disassembling and rebuilding the animation with new designs should have been enough (no Spriter needed), but something bugged out, probably in krane. The animation was thankfully trivial, I'd hate to have to do this for something significant - even the humble chest has half a dozen different animations, and stuff actually moves there!
  13. Success! I re-created the .scml from scratch in Spriter (using cleaned-up textures), compiled it, and the sprite now works fine!
  14. Mod tools downloaded through Steam are near useless - there's a few source files and full apps (Tiled, Sublime Text, Mod Uploader), but no makefile, no binaries for scml, autocompiler, or png. The fact that your master branch on github doesn't even build on OS X, might have something to do with it. See: If mod creation tools are supposed to be Windows-only, then please make this clear somewhere.
  15. Well, I ran the animation through krane, cleaned up the images, recompiled with scml (built from Corgi's fork, since Klei's mod tools are a mess), and... the animation is invisible Something must be wrong with one of the tools, and I suspect krane. (paging @simplex) The lua code refers to "closed" and "open" animations, but the exported scml has the animations named "closed_90s" and "open_90s". But even if I change the name (in the lua code), nothing is visible, the game just produces an unhelpful message: [00:00:45]: AnimationFile::LoadFile Failed to open ../mods/workshop-790531664/anim/ Being desperate, I tried downscaling the png's (also making appropriate changes in the scml file by sed). No dice. If anyone wants to take a stab at it, here's the Spriter project: - the new compiled animation (with shrunk png's) which fails to load. - the old build of the animation, with just the texture cleaned up (this works, but has the overreach issue) - the mod itself. Perishable v2 is required. @Lampofulmine, what exactly is the "right" position of images in the spriter anim? Looking at this anim as well as that of the chest, the origin should be the point which will sit on the same place on the ground when the view is rotated, right? That appears to be OK.