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  1. Actually, is there any other tool (even for windows), which can convert compiled animation back into spriter project? (Mod authors don't normally need such a thing, since they have the spriter project themselves..)
  2. Mac, used for both ktools and compiling tools (had to get Corgi's fork, because, well...). I think I'll play with this some more and report the krane issue to simplex if I can reproduce it.
  3. @NeddoFreddo, this doesn't look right: return Prefab( "common/musicprototyper1", fn, assets, prefabs), MakePlacer( "common/musicprototyper1_placer", "musicprototyper1", "musicprototyper1", "idle" ) You're either missing a parenthesis, or have an extra comma there.
  4. Having looked at the scml file, simply disassembling and rebuilding the animation with new designs should have been enough (no Spriter needed), but something bugged out, probably in krane. The animation was thankfully trivial, I'd hate to have to do this for something significant - even the humble chest has half a dozen different animations, and stuff actually moves there!
  5. Success! I re-created the .scml from scratch in Spriter (using cleaned-up textures), compiled it, and the sprite now works fine!
  6. Mod tools downloaded through Steam are near useless - there's a few source files and full apps (Tiled, Sublime Text, Mod Uploader), but no makefile, no binaries for scml, autocompiler, or png. The fact that your master branch on github doesn't even build on OS X, might have something to do with it. See: If mod creation tools are supposed to be Windows-only, then please make this clear somewhere.
  7. Well, I ran the animation through krane, cleaned up the images, recompiled with scml (built from Corgi's fork, since Klei's mod tools are a mess), and... the animation is invisible Something must be wrong with one of the tools, and I suspect krane. (paging @simplex) The lua code refers to "closed" and "open" animations, but the exported scml has the animations named "closed_90s" and "open_90s". But even if I change the name (in the lua code), nothing is visible, the game just produces an unhelpful message: [00:00:45]: AnimationFile::LoadFile Failed to open ../mods/workshop-790531664/anim/ Being desperate, I tried downscaling the png's (also making appropriate changes in the scml file by sed). No dice. If anyone wants to take a stab at it, here's the Spriter project: - the new compiled animation (with shrunk png's) which fails to load. - the old build of the animation, with just the texture cleaned up (this works, but has the overreach issue) - the mod itself. Perishable v2 is required. @Lampofulmine, what exactly is the "right" position of images in the spriter anim? Looking at this anim as well as that of the chest, the origin should be the point which will sit on the same place on the ground when the view is rotated, right? That appears to be OK.
  8. @theoldaeroplane: Thanks a bunch for the link to that old forum post by @brainfree and your github repo. I never ran DS(T) on Windows so I didn't even know the game was supposed to have the textures and animations built automatically. Hoping that Klei get it together and have the mod tools actually work on all platforms. And the premake script issue... what a farce.
  9. Make that four (although I'm on DST, but mod tools are the same AFAICT) The mod tools package from Steam has some sources, but no makefile, or the scml binary, which as I understand is what does the compilation from Spriter to DS(T) animation zip. There's what looks like an official github repo for mod_tools, and that has a makefile, but it doesn't even pass the Linus test1 (has anyone run that even once?) There's a fork by Corgi, which fixes the make errors, but hasn't been updated, or had the changes merged back into klei's repo. He/She also made a guide here, which references this forum post from 2015. [1] "If it compiles, it's good. If it boots, it's perfect."
  10. Hi. First off, I apologise for mis- and dis-use of technical terms, I've never done game graphics before. (With that in mind, ELI5 ) I'm trying to fix Afro1967's DST Freezer - specifically, the issue that the mouse prompt will change to open/close well outside the opaque area of the mod's sprite (this is really annoying around crockpots): As I understand the code, the sprites for opened/closed freezer are in the anim/ ... local assets= { Asset("ANIM", "anim/"), Asset( "ATLAS", "images/inventoryimages/ui_freezer_3x4.xml"), Asset( "IMAGE", "images/inventoryimages/ui_freezer_3x4.tex"), } local function onopen(inst) inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("open") inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/wilson/chest_open") inst.Light:Enable(true) end local function onclose(inst) inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("closed") inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/wilson/chest_close") inst.Light:Enable(false) end ... So I put that into krane -> ktech -> imagemagick to look at the frames' alpha channel. There is a smudge in the lower left, but nothing like the huge area where I get the open/close prompt. I tried cleaning up the png, using the new version to replace the tex file in freezer zip, but that didn't help (at least not much). How should I go about fixing this? (Bonus points for mac/linux-compatible tools).
  11. Hm, this appears to be true for in-world objects - I can obviously tell that an evergreen doesn't have a rectangular active area. The texture above however, is used for a widget. Before I fixed it, a blank area outside the opaque part would block access to the in-world objects - imagine a tree next to a chest's inventory widget not being clickable because the inventory frame was not chopped properly. If you run the image through ktech and have it generate an atlas, you can see for yourself. As for in-world objects - I am actually having an issue with that as well, the freezer will respond by closing/opening to clicks well outside the visibly opaque areas. I fixed the atlas for all individual tex files, but I'm guessing the in-world object uses the anim archive. I'll have to dig into that and check what might be wrong there. If the tex files are any indication, there are probably some smudges of low-but-not-zero opacity in the lower part.
  12. @simplex, how is the --atlas generator in ktech expected to work? I thought it would find the first/last row/column to have a pixel with non-zero opacity, but instead it just always generates values that are very close to 0 or 1 (delta is <0.001).
  13. Hi all. So from the help output: How exactly should that work? My understanding is that since a texture's image width and height must be powers of 2, the atlas xml file is there to specify which part of the image is the part that should actuallly be "active" (respond to mouse clicks and occlude the rest of the game). My expectation is that ktech would automatically get the first/last row/columm with a pixel of non-zero opacity and set the atlas values accordingly. But using a source image like the one attached, the atlas is always generated with values: u1="0.000976562" u2="0.999023" v1="0.000976562" v2="0.999023" Am I missing something?
  14. Try using older version of imagemagick (6.9.whatever). I didn't detect my installation of v7 either.
  15. So, what now? Do devs need a video?