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  1. Awww thanks i enjoy talking to you to, don't worry Noxu's still alive she a robot they don't really die i'll say hi. *looks over at the scattered bits of robot* when i find her head.
  2. With the most mighty tool of all.............. MY FINGER!!!
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Sorry had to get that outta my system, think i may be dead now. *checks pulse* This is the first time anybody has drawn my art!!! This is so great oh my god!! Also like you i have grown fond of the idea of the pigs, have been writing and rewriting weeks backstory may finally have a finished one soon.
  4. I could try that next time, the breaks aren't necessary i was just stylising my spray. It also spaces out the black, with out them it might look to blobby but i'm not sure, will have a go and see.
  5. i agree, the crawling horror is a weird shape and makes it hard to simplify him, think i might try another print later.
  6. Found some old spray paint and decided to do somthing with them. The black on white are the actual sprays. The white on black are the cutouts i made with paper behind them.
  7. Yep! Always got the feeling that Wes is shy around new people and opens up over time, he dosen't talk but listens. Wolfgang is his safe space he can relax when he's around, so he tent to follow him. And wolfgang knows his friend isn't every strong so he will protect, him even if he's more scared of the monster than Wes is. Also as entertainers they are very good with kids, even if one of them if a spider, that took some getting use to for Wolfgang.
  8. In my head when everybody's together in a group camp some people have set job that never change, Wolfgang is one of them. He's always the babysitter in my mind looking after their kids and Wickerbottom, it makes sense to me as he is scared of monster so wouldn't want to go out if he can help it. And wes tags along cuz he likes helping wolfgang, and well he at risk of dying if he leaves camp alot more than others.
  9. Wilson's a lone wolf with just his backpack and spear beside him, and science to guide him. or maybe i didn't have a pencil so i drew him in pen, and did him to far over to add another person, i'm an idiot.
  10. Hey guys sorry for no posts been on holiday in Wales. So now you can have a dump of pictures that are in a folder named 'don't starve aesthetic'.
  11. Yes i love drawing skeletons but now I've run out of idea's. No not the first I've drawn a charcoal piece and i have some ideas for other drawings. Sure the look will vanish if he ever gets around to shaving it, scratch that more likely the others will force him to shave it before he disappears in it.