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  1. It's more like silly fluff, so Willowson could still be a thing. Wolfgang tends to do somthing like that whenever a new lady appeared, hasn't worked yet but he's still hopefull. And Wes is always their to hug him when things go wrong.
  2. Yes everybody had to take a little break away from each other, Wilson's not in the great of moods: "I remember when this camp was empty, and i actually got science done. Why couldn't it go back to that? Wish on a star shake some hands, drink some luck make a deal, even sell my soul. Just for a second, a minute, maybe even just a day alone. HA! Fat chance anybody's going to give me that."
  3. I can not be blamed for what i draw when extremely bored and tired!!!!! or maybe i can.......... or maybe i can blame the voice in my head, oh oh that one!! tired please help me.
  4. Sometimes a person get to a certain amount of bored that they want to draw men in dresses, that happened to day, and Wilson is looking cute!! And now a scene is coming to me, I must write!!!! All the girls are playing dress up with Wendy, she wants to play with Wilson so he is 'roped' in to it, (a fire lighter and a spear may have been involved). Wilson wines "This is so un-gentalmen like can i just stay in here?" But all the girls yell him down, with a sigh Wilson walks out from behind the curtain, fan covering his face. Nobody makes a sounds until. Wendy shouts "CUTE!!!!!" Wilson lets out a groan, and thinks to himself 'why do I torture myself so.' Wolfgang pops his head in to the tent and says, "what is with all the srea..........." He stops mid sentence smoothing his hair back, "well well well a new lady has appeared." Seconds after the words left the strong man's lips every guy from the camp was at the entrance, Wolfgang pushes them back swaggering in to the tent, and over to Wilson. -who still has the fan covering his face- "Hello pretty lady!" All the other girls are giggling, and then burst out laughing as Wolfgang bends down and kisses Wilson's hand. Angrily Wolfgang asks "what is so funny?" Wilson lowers the fan and coughs, the big man looks up with love in his eyes which is immediately covered by a heap of embarrassment. "pretty lady is Doc?......hmmm" Wes silently walks into the room and up to Wilson, slapping him across the face. "What did I do?!" Exclaims Wilson, still glaring at the scientist the mime takes Wolfgang's arm and pulls him up. The strong man stands his face is red all over, "I..hmm.....I" he stutters. but before he can get a proper answer out, A Glee filled laugh fills the tent making everybody turn round. To see Maxwell at the entrance of the tent, tears in his eyes doubled over laughing with joy. he managed to push a couple of words out threw the laughter, "WILSON HAHAHAHAH IN AHAHAHA A HAHAH DRESS!!!!!" in a sarcastic voice Wilson said "Yes I know it's so funny, I'm wearing a dress h a h a h a.......... I hate you so much Maxwell." "Like wise pal" wheezed Maxwell. And now I better stop before this turns in to a novel. P.s. I will apologize for my spelling, punctuation and just everything now cuz I know it's bad.
  5. Actually really watery watercolours, blowing out the edges as i went. Then when it was dry, i flick the bush over the top of the drawing to make the dots. The black outline was done with an ink pen. For reference i used Major Brushes, don't know if their considered one of the good brands but i like them, they give off a nice colour while still being able to be watered down.
  6. *Pushes responsible person away* Wilson: Here you go fine lady, i sorted out the sorting system, now i know what every bottle is. This ones a potion that will allow you to jump extremely high!!.......oh wait, or will, that went in the other box....but then...................oh no.
  7. Yes it has a habit of lagging out and doing that, very annoying.
  8. To put it simple a cervitaur is exactly the same as a centaur, but with a bottom half of a deer instead of a horse.
  9. Is a Naga. Is a merman/ siren both are good. Is a Cervitaur.
  10. More evidence that Wilson has no idea what he's doing, he thought they were potions of healing, he was very wrong.
  11. Ok i may have found the best poem ever!!!

    Stop says the red light, go says the green

    Wait says the yellow light, twinkling in between. 



  12. yes! but instead of being handy he would just give bad advice, "you should eat that rot it will give you superpowers" or " no you won't die if you fall down that hole." In my mind if the Eye-bone talked/ had a personality, only too people would be on his 'like' list. Wilson cus Eye-bone as know him the longest. And Wilson can be easly manipulated, so the Eye-bone tends to get his way when he's around. And Lucy they're both sort of the same Eye-bone likes that, and finds he can talk to lucy about personal stuff, unlike the others. Woodies is not happy about this AT ALL!!