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  1. yea thought of that working on it on an unrelated note, has anyone else noticed that you can cycle your food box every 8 - 9 days from one food box to another to avoid spoilage?
  2. yea im just not sure if the hatch is eating the fresh dirt or the contaminated dirt yet could be 50/50 chance if it's eating the fresh dirt it's ok but not great if its eating the contaminated dirt its friggin ridiculously good. sorry for the edit, but does the coal generator make dirt as a by product i think i heard that somewhere not sure if true as i haven't really played around with the coal generator too much yet...
  3. So in my current play through i trapped a hatch in my outhouse level. So it can't burrow down due to the tiles and it keeps walking around the outhouses consuming "resources". However I do not think it actually is. The number of visits that the outhouse has remains constant. If it were eating "Fresh" dirt from the outhouse I would think that the visit counter would go down. And if it was eating the contaminated dirt wouldn't the visit's remaing go up? Maybe it is eating the contaminated dirt and when I clean the outhouse i'll just not have any contaminated dirt...that would actually be pretty awsome i'll have to test it. What it does do is poop out coal very often so as far as I can tell i'm either making coal out of "nothing" or making coal out of the contaminated dirt...i think the former is probably true and this is most likely an exploit/bug that the developer's never thought of. Until it's patched out its probably a really good way of making "free" coal though
  4. Not sure if there's a suggestion area but i think it would be a nice QOL improvement that it would show the height times the width when you drag an area to be dug or tiled or whatever. I personally spend alot of time counting tiles to make rooms and stuff. I think rimworld and prision architect has this feature. just a thought /shrug
  5. i was doing that too for a bit and sealing it off with tiles but the contaminated oxygen always gets away and infests my bases. You should see the crazy outhouse hole/construct i was doing before which was a crazy time waster lol. I don't like the idea of contaminated air being in my base so until what i get air scrubbers? this works too good to not have to deal with it in the early game. By the time this becomes a problem for me i'll have the tech to easily handle it without trying. I was just wondering if this is intended or an over sight?
  6. I agree i'll have to stop in a bit after i have like 6 out houses then maybe composting isn't as useless as it first seemed to me, but that gives me like what 60 cycles to get composting? working as intended?
  7. So i've been playing this game a lot lately. And i'm pretty bad at it i usually restart around day 7ish but i think i have a pretty solid understanding of the very early game so far. I noticed tonight that if i just wait until there is 1 visit remaining on the outhouse. All i have to do is disable the outhouse, and build another one. By doing this i don't have to deal with any contaminated dirt. Which is good but doesn't this make the compost pile totally useless? I'm not complaining since I'll be exploiting this mechanic alot since early on i don't want to deal with contaminated dirt and it's consequences. Still i can't help but think that this is not working as intended? Sure it makes the game easier for now at least but... I dunno seems kinda like its a cheap mechanic that i'm exploiting. Thoughts? Maybe this is a perfectly valid strategy that everyone uses in the begining and i'm just dumb. Although if this is actually an exploit the dev's could just make it so that you can not disable the outhouse... /shrug This is my best game so far i'm researching like a mad man and i've got 0 problems right now