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  1. what about this pairs Wickerbottom + Wolfgang/Wigfrid Wolfgang + Wx-78 Wigfrid + Wolfgang
  3. What you did? 1 stack of gunpowder and normal fight?
  4. he is pretty easy without any road, if you encounter him at night he will be asleep so go near him, 1 hit run 1 hit run 1 hit run easy, if you encounter him on day or dusk just lure him with any item he will come to grab it so do the same 1 hit run 1 hit run, if you have high ping or slow conection its better to tank him, but if you have good conection and/or you are the host he is pretty easy to kite his 300hp goes down quick with tentacle spike or dark sword in less than 6 kites
  5. This should be sticky thread, i will use this format i find this very usefull
  6. Do you want to play with me? a 2 ppl world?

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      nice i'll send you the invitation and then we could play

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      I have the same pick and name is Soulk

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  7. Hi, i am looking for 1 or 2 friends to make a 2 to 3 people world, i usually play Wickerbottom, i want you to at least have a minimal knowledge of the game as i could help you get trought some seasons, even better if you can survive by your own for 200+ days so we can try new things. I will be hosting the server so we set schedule to play the server night time or weekends, i am at UTC -4 time zone
  8. yes i know that, the thing is i want to farm to get around 8 books so i prepare in winter 2 tentacle trap 1 for beequeen and another for klausso i could kill 5 bosses before spring ends (deerclops klaus beequeen Goose and dragonfly) so you get time to explore caves on summer then get ready for bearger (to farm trees or whatever you want to do with him)
  9. They are renewable on caves as any character, also i know that if you get at least 1 spot on swamps and craft a book killing the tentacles from the book (all the uses) you have a great chance of getting at least 1 spot back
  10. I know right, i feel the same when i changed from DS to Solo Dst, but now i am used to the system if you know you 1 hit things press F for each creature, when i play wolfgang and i have full belly and i know i 1 hit any spider with ham bat and there are like 6 of them around me i just time each F so its F F F F F F and it´s done, indeed i think this is to help on PVP but anyway a lot of things are different from DS to solo DST, for instance i really really like the cancel attack on DST i've died several times on DS because i press F and no way to stop my character, the bad thing i had to get used to the new kite for monsters for example i can hit beefalo 6 times but when i started on DST on the 6th attack was canceled so i was hitting 5 times, but in DS when you already started the 6th attack and you press S to move down as he finish i was used to that, now i have to wait until last hit land to move.
  11. Thanks everyone for the answer, actually i am not that new so i can handle exploring whole map in 10 days setting up the base with ice box 3 to 5 crock por at least 4 drying racks, i try to explore to get chester quick so i also hammer every pig house on the map while i carry in my inventory and backpack usefull things to set base on day 15 or so, if i encounter the swamps i see the time of the day if its morning i gather a bit of grass twigs and logs around for some torches/campfires when dusk comes i explore the swamp to hammer the pigheads and i usually gather from natural fights (merms vs spiders vs tentacles, i just cook popcorns and watch then die, actually i gather reeds as wicker starts with 2 papers i gather all the reed i can and craft more paper to save inventory space) then i collect the loot i usually get 3-4 spikes to go and around 3 tentacles spots, the thing is, after i set base around day 18 when i have: Pig farm (Around 20 houses) Grass Twigs Berry farm (Using the Applied Horticulture Book to grow so i get lots of resources) The Cooking area 6 to 9 chest with 1 filled with 6 to 9 lanterns and 1 extra chest beside fire pit with fuel. I would like to spend the rest of those days (until deerclops on day 30) at least 1 full day gathering Grass with book since it doesn't grow on winter and craft plenty of ropes for fences if needed and hay walls to set tentacles farm, what i would like to do its to either kill dragonfly(if i can set the figth before winter would be awesome to craft the furnance) or beequeen after deerclops for the bundling wrap. I was playing like this explore starting area gathering stuff setting a mini base, found beefalos set base near them survive winter kill deerclops, survive spring and ignore Goose, in summer craft the flingo survive summer, then i explore a little the caves, OMG it was so boring after some games to wait thaaat long playing DS as a farm game until 1 year when i have enough food/weapons/armor to fight -.- Now the way i get fun playing DST its a with more difficulty rushing things to not have to wait so long to fight, but now i would like to get better at rushing more stuff. My goal now its to get better learn much more advanced stuff to accomplish killing every boss within 1 year of the game, or to kill all bosses in the least amount of days.
  12. I mean what's the best way to kill tentacles when you have no spider nest or merms nearby? The other thing what is a secure way to clean the Reed trap if i get one on my swamps? I am interested on this because i mostly play Wicker so i just learned that i could just make Boss Farms with tentacles.
  13. How do you have 324 days played on public server? Do you play straight? or thats a private server you play over time?
  14. Thank you very much, i will give it a try, gonna post here the result