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  1. yes for every purchase you get an extra copy
  2. about walrus camp you have 2 possible scenarios. 1-. you get a single camp inside a forest biome in a small grassland biome 2-. you get 3 camps in mosaic biome near the savannah part and maybe tallbirs + the single camp. So you either get 1 or 4 camps.
  3. That's your opinion
  4. Thanks, seems pretty usefull
  5. How do you drop things from inventory without dragging them?
  6. On the ruins you should find the big tentacles and kill them, then you can jump inside the hole just as a wormhole, one of those holes will take you to the atrium biome, there you need to build an skeleton from fossil, you can farm the fossil minning the stalgmites on the cave you need 8 of them, when you do that next to the atrium and place the key the boss will show up.
  7. how can we help?
  8. of course, when i fight bosses i like the huge hp makes it fun
  9. Hi, i know some things about the game and the DST version, i tend to read a lot the DS/Shipwreck wiki to get some ideas for DST but now as a better and experienced player i dont look at the wiki anymore cuz there is no usefull information about DST, even when i first started to play DST i tried to look at the wiki for character and it was still very incomplete. My main language its spanish but i would be glad to help with anything i mostly have a couple hours a day to do whatever i want (that could be help the actual wiki or the DST new one), if interested should we talk on PM?
  10. You also have a sound telling about charlie coming
  11. In my opinion i like the DST as solo, since when you dominate DS vanilla or RoG its kind of easy to deal with bosses and monsters, with the increased HP its a new adventure for me
  12. I play solo every time, since i live in venezuela all the servers i can join has 200+ ping, so i create my own server and play alone, only on weekends a friend who lives in my site comes in to my house and we play on LAN and we get 8 to 20 ms ping
  13. mmm set mod as off, or in the ingame mod menu?
  14. Now fix wood fences and wood gate that also slide when placing them
  15. They spawn by them self, if you start with saplings berry bushes and no geekos, the game will slowly spawn them, you will see that after some days you start too see the other variant of the resource.