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  1. This trick is used with a lot of other mobs other than the Bee Queen.
  2. Woodie, while in werebeaver mode, will go invisible in the boss fight when: Being "mind controlled" by the boss. Attacking him while still shielded. Being imprisoned.
  3. Now to wait for them to say if this was intentional or not.
  4. The same happens if you're close to them.
  5. These bugs need love too Mr. @V2C...
  6. It's rare, but it is possible to a treeguard spawn from tree stumps.
  7. Those kind of bugs are also reported all the time, but seems that Klei prioritizes the smaller ones first.
  8. Speaking of it, is there any news about that?
  9. When it happens, it's generally that.
  10. It's uncommon, but sometimes farms can wither in summer, even when functional flingomatics are around it.
  11. When playing with the "Lights out" preset enabled, after a full moon has passed, darkness will be gone completely.
  12. The red layer that appears while taking damage will still remain while in ghost mode. When resurrected, your log meter will be zero, and you will start getting damage from the get go.
  13. I know you guys are very busy with the upcoming update, but still: Also, calling for @PeterA this, let's see if it changes things.