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  1. What do you mean? What part of it isn't backwards compatible?
  2. The way I see it, Golem is the ideal starting program for Seed, because you can consistently break 2 firewalls per turn with it. Yes, Lockpick 2.0 does the same thing, but Lockpick 2.0 is more expensive and cannot be chosen as a starting program. And if you can find another program that costs a relatively high amount of power, like Wisp, Hammer or Oracle, you can use seed on them instead and you'll be able to take advantage of Golem's decreasing cost. Mercenary on the other hand is great for any starting generator other than seed. You can break 8 firewalls per alarm level before it becomes worse value than Lockpick, something you are rarely able to do with another breaker, other than maybe Parasite or Golem, even taking into account that you'll sometimes have to hack a device with only 1 firewall. True, both of them fall of in use late game, but I don't think it's a big deal. It's a roguelike, so it's understandable that there are things meant to be used early on and then replaced.
  3. To be specific, this is the website you have to go to: https://oxygenalphagift.klei.com/
  4. Could you clarify? Is it enough to own Best Of Klei or are there other games as well?
  5. Steam workshop link Advanced Guard Protocol is the mod to look for if you want to add anything guard related! It adds: The mod also offers a new experience in the form of "HARD MODE", a mode where guards are faster, smarter and deadlier in every way. In order to use hard mode you need to install Sim Constructor Updates: workshop-569390373.zip
  6. No, archive International does use TRG_ALARM_STATE_CHANGE, and TRG_ALARM_STATE_CHANGE does continue to trigger after alarm level 6. You should not use TRG_START_TURN to test for alarm change because that doesn't detect alarm change if alarm level increases by more than one during a turn, say because of a daemon or a heartmonitor. I believe your mistake comes from this line: local stage = self:getTrackerStage() if stage > self._trackerStage then self._trackerStage = stage but getTrackerStage can increase beyond alarm level 6 function simengine:getTrackerStage( tracker ) if not tracker then tracker = self:getTracker() end -- Note that self._tracker increases without cap; this is so alarm stages past TRACKER_MAXCOUNT continue to execute. -- The UI caps the tracker for display purposes only. There is therefore no limit on the stage this function returns. return math.floor( tracker / simdefs.TRACKER_INCREMENT ) end Those comments were made by the devs, not me by the way.
  7. That Faust idea sounds wonderful.
  8. Also, Charge Generators and Extended Charge Packs don't work correctly when reloading Widow's Kiss in Sniper mode (that same code used for the other types of reloads should work), and when thrown Translocators are labelled as Venom Mines, can be teleported to even if the exit is blocked, and cause guards to be alerted on sight. Not sure if that last one is intentional or not, it is has the laptop trait which as far as I know does nothing other than causing guards to be drawn to it. Maybe it should have the hidesInCover trait? This is code from Derek's Transport Beacon rewritten to fit the context: local cell = sim:getCell(targetUnit:getLocation()) if cell.impass > 0 or sim:getQuery().checkDynamicImpass(sim, cell) then return false, STRINGS.UI.REASON.BLOCKED end
  9. Small tweak update. Unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce that glitch, wodzu, so if it happens again I'd gladly take a look at your savefile.
  10. Oh man, I haven't written any updates in a while because I thought it was boring, but that final mission? Here's my team going in: Here's right before I hack the Security Hub: And here's what it looked like by the time I got to the exit: I thought I was well prepared, but right as I have completed the Monst3r hack, I get a freaking Sleep daemon! Stealth goes out the window, magazines are emptied, darts fly and disrupters smoke. Watchdog leaves only one stressful turn for everyone to get out while guards are down. I'm very grateful I had two Combat Stims, and that I managed to take some heartmonitors out early on with an emp pack! And the best part is, it was entirely my fault! Because if I had remembered to use Reflect, I wouldn't have gotten that Sleep daemon (new least favourite daemon of all time) This mission serves as a reminder as to why I love this game so much, and why I started modding it.
  11. 100 pages, noot!
  12. Ah, you are modifying the original icebreak is that it? Well looking at the code you uploaded it's clear what the problem is. function Mod_icebreak:acquireTargets( self, targets, game, sim, unit ) Colon tells lua to insert self as the first parameter. All you have to do is either remove self as a parameter or replace the colon with a dot.
  13. Yes, that's what I meant. Take a look at how jackin does it. acquireTargets = function( self, targets, game, sim, abilityOwner, unit ) When you're jackin in manually, abilityOwner and unit are the same thing, because agents have the jackin ability. If an agent picks up an Accelerator chip, which also has the jackin ability, abilityOwner and unit are no longer the same, because unit is still referring to the agent but abilityOwner is referring to the Accelerator Chip. You are using code that expects abilityOwner to be an item when it actually is an agent. Hope that clears things up.
  14. Rip endless servers.
  15. I'm guessing that your addCPUs function is not being called. You see, simplayer is not used in itself, it's only purpose is for pcplayer and aiplayer to inherit from. What this means is that if those two are loaded before your mod function, it will not cause any change to pcplayer and aiplayer, and in this case you are looking to change pcplayer. The difference between dispatchEvent() and triggerEvent() is that triggers can be used on any table as long as you can pass it to the sim, and events are only passed to hud and boardig (which in turn passes them to unitrigs). Only triggers can be used for gameplay purposes, events are for sound and visuals only.
  16. In the case of icebreak unit is the Buster Chip (abilityOwner) and userUnit is the agent carrying the item, but in your case it's the agent that is abilityOwner.
  17. Spike Server seems to be designed for getting power later on, which I don't really need since Uplink gives me just that. Plus it needs Hacking 5, which I guess I could afford by now, but I honestly didn't expect to get this much money either. And if I did have Hacking 5 then I probably wouldn't need the server anyway (unless I get a mission like my fourth one again). Speaking of which, I noticed the skill requirements are higher in this mod, which is understandable considering your design philosophy with this mod, but it still feels a bit odd. Feels a bit wasteful to spend 900 credits just so an agent can use a Buster Chip. Ever noticed how the level 5 skills are more powerful than the others? I always believed that was because there are no items that have them as a requirement. Especially anarchy, since there are so many items that have an anarchy requirement. Adding filler loot might be difficult, since so far the guards that drop the most powerful gear are from Advanced Guard Protocol (oops) Yeah, I'd rather not spend 5k on pwr. Gotta upgrade speed so I can go fast! I always thought N-Umi's augment was kind of trash, for campaign at least, but maybe it isn't so bad actually. I am of course not playing with the most difficult setup I could so that might be the reason I have so much money, not much you can do about that. I am interested in seeing how the rest of the campaign will turn out though, I imagined your rework would make the early game easier and the late game harder, but I didn't consider that it might make one snowball much harder. Maybe I'll do a run where I limit myself to not get so much anarchy as well and see if that changes the balance. I usually don't get a lot of anarchy though. I used to, but I stopped after a while. Though that was before the extended campaign came out. In this case I just felt like I had a strong enough footing to go all in which is not super common.
  18. Day 2 At the start of this day I upgrade Banks to Anarchy 5 and Strength 3. I also buy a Neural Disrupter 3 and leave it in storage. Mission 4 - Sankaku Detention Center, 2 guarded Right from the get-go I find the exit and all the guards in the level. The level appears to be one large room with other rooms attached, and scouting with a drone reveals the detention cell. No consoles spawned nearby, and with the combination of Power Uplink having a slow start, the tag pistol and Mercenary power level is very low the first few turns. Once alarm level 1 hits Banks finds a room filled with consoles and grabs their power. With that power Xu can get to the detention console. The agent in detention is N-Umi. Meanwhile Banks steals an Overloaded Shock Trap from a guard. That Anarchy upgrade is starting to pay off already! With N-Umi rescued I have more than enough time to loot the remaining safes and grab Ping from the Secondary Server Terminal. Mission 5 - Sankaku Chief Financial Suite, 3 guarded First room I found a Tsukumogami drone patrolling, and Banks steals a portable spike server that will be worth a lot of money from it. The exit is again found early on. N-Umi finds the Executive and gets prepared to knock him out. Meanwhile Banks runs into a Drone Engineer which she is forced to knock out. As N-Umi starts scanning the Executive Banks steals a Precise Buster Chip from a System Admin and picks up Torque Injectors (which I later give to Xu) from a nanofab, which is nice. She also finds and activates a Refit Drone. Meanwhile Xu has gotten most of the safes. Unfortunately, with these time consuming tasks I explore the map too slowly, and I realise it will be way past alarm level 6 before I get out. Fortunately, the enforcers and inspectors spawn in the wrong part of the map, and I have lots of power to hack drones that get in my way with. N-Umi gets poisoned by a daemon, but she reaches the elevator before it can trigger, while the rest of the map is distracted by a trail of bodies (one in particular got his path blocked by a carefully positioned Obake Drone, just barely preventing him from turning and looking towards my agents) and Banks sets up a shock trap on the door just in case while Xu gets the last safe. Escape against all odds! Mission 6 - KO Cybernetics Lab, 2 guarded Really isn't much to say about this one. The map is linear, there aren't many guards and firewalls are low. Get myself a Buster Chip, more things to sell, and an augment socket each for Banks and Xu. Much simpler than last mission. Status Report Archive Dr Xu: Torque Injectors, Tony's Modded Emp, Burst Stim, Neural Disrupter 3 Banks: Torque Injectors, Scorpion Paralyzer, Overloaded Shock Trap, Neural Disrupter, Precise Buster Chip, Buster Chip N-Umi: Neural Disrupter, T.A.G. Pistol Incognita: Power Uplink, Mercenary, Wings, Ping Agency: Just got another set of Torque Injectors from Monst3r, which I gave to Banks. Might move a Buster Chip, but then I'd have to upgrade Anarchy on someone else which I'd rather not. Unfortunately it looks like I'll only be able to fit 2 more missions, one of them will be a Server Farm for certain though. Parasite would be great. After that I'll just have to see what I'll do with my small fortune x)
  19. Actually, no! Having a program that breaks two firewalls at a time is very useful, and early on I don't need to use it as often, which is why I think the two programs synergize, and when that's not enough I grab consoles. Though if I get a Server Farm I would like to look in it. Shade only reduces los range though. Fortunately yes. Good thing I got it early on. More money of course! I have no problem with upgrading it because I am certain I will get items that use anarchy later. And if I am going to get it anyway, why not early so that I get some of the money back? It may not seem like much but some money stolen here and some money stolen there adds up, especially with the extended campaign. Besides, those upgrades are mostly stepping stones for Anarchy 5, which, especially with mods, pays off very quickly.
  20. All right, I'll give this a try. Mods: -Contingency Plan -Programs Extended -Advanced Guard Protocol -New Items And Augments -Sim Constructor -UI Tweaks -Generation Options+ -Instant Grenades -Cover overlays for agent mods -Mods Combo by Shirsh -Rescueable Archive Agents -ITEMSNewAndEditted -Flavorful Agents -Selectable Guards Campaign: Default Expert+ Starting Loadout: Banks, Archive Dr. Xu, Power Uplink, Mercenary Day 1 Mission 1 - FTM Executive Terminals, 1 guarded Secondary Server Terminal contains Wings and Shade! End up buying Wings. One very unlucky guard gets a double dose of electricity and scorpion poison. All safes and guards looted and I'm ready to escape before alarm level 5, no problems here. Mission 2 - KO Security Dispatch, 2 guarded Hack a Pulse Drone turn 2 for scouting. Turns out the starting area is quite crowded, and one of the guards is an assault. Nothing sprinting distractions can't handle. Take a chance with some daemons and get jolt and a 2 pwr siphon. Completely fine. The Secure Locker contains a Mono Molecular Railgun, unfortunately this means Banks is encumbered for the rest of the mission. While Tony is on his way to the big safes of the level (look at those firewalls, conveniently within range of his emp) the daemon on the power supply of the turret protecting them gets reversed to a smokescreen! As I'm about to leave, I realise an elite security is guarding the exit. While getting past him is no problem, it meant I was one turn short from escaping before alarm level 5. Sigh. At least I got a Burst Stim from picking his pocket. Mission 3 - Plastech Vault, 2 guarded Rather than going to the nearby Nanofab, I get greedy and upgrade Banks' Anarchy to 4 and prepare to go to a vault. There I encounter an MKX, and altough he most likely means more trouble than it's worth, I let him walk around for now. I get a chain daemon, which would be fine, except the daemon I get after that is alert, meaning chain installs another daemon, Authority, which sucks since I just found the Vault. Nevertheless, Tony's emp lasts many turns so I decide to wait the daemon out with him and send Banks in the other direction. Banks almost gets cornered by a MKI and a System Admin. It costs a lot of power to redirect the System Admin because of a Modulate daemon, but by this point I have maxed out my Uplinks so that is not a major issue. Altough I do decide to let Dr. Xu walk through an infrared laser wall rather than waiting for power to hack the power supply. A few knocked out guards and a very angry camera drone later it's already alarm level 5 and time to leave. Before I leave however, I manage to pick up a tag pistol from the nanofab! Status Report Archive Dr. Xu: Neural Disrupter, Tony's Modded Emp, Burst Stim Banks: Neural Disrupter, Scorpion Paralyzer, T.A.G. Pistol Incognita: Power Uplink, Mercenary, Wings Agency: A Mono Molecular Railgun is in storage (will probably sell that, but I might hold onto it a bit longer), Monst3r is selling a Neural Disrupter 3 which I'll probably buy, available missions aren't the greatest so I might go to an Executive Terminal, that or a Detention Center, and of course, I have lots of cash!
  21. local ghost = pcplayer:getLastKnownUnit( sim, unit:getID() ) if ghost:isGhost() or sim:canPlayerSeeUnit( pcplayer, unit ) then if sim:getCell( ghost:getLocation() ) == sim:getCell( unit:getLocation() ) then --ok end end If you don't want to be able to access drones that used to be in line of sight and haven't moved since, sim:canPlayerSeeUnit( pcplayer, unit ) is all you need.
  22. It's not necessary, because jackin in this case is local, meaning it is not used outside the file or function it is defined in. The name that is used to refer to the ability is the index the ability has in abilitydefs, which is assigned by addAbilityDef.
  23. Come to think about it, the chest of the Sharpshooter looks a bit washed out doesn't it? Maybe I still need to change it after all. I'm still not as good as Shirsh at this apparently haha. The idea of using a drone as a scout for a human guard was one I had early on too. I ended up making the Drone Engineer fill that role. The PSI was also developed around the concept of two guards being connected. If you look at the files there are actually some guards I considered for the last update. I left them out because I thought they were too similar to existing guards.
  24. A have made new art for the Elite Sharpshooter.
  25. This has nothing to do with the fact that both are wheels. What we're asking you is what reason there is to build one instead of M.Generator+battery from a gameplay perspective. Think about it, if one G.Generator generates half the power for half the time investment then that means building two of them is the same thing as building one M.Generator+battery, except it costs many times more space and materials. That is unless you intended for G.Generator to have some other stats, say more than half of M.Generator's power generation or less than half of it's time investment, but if that was what you wanted originally, then I don't see why you couldn't have just said that instead of getting all defensive just because someone didn't immediately agree with you. This is a forum, if you can't handle feedback then why are you posting here?