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  1. Keep in mind that getCurrentPlayer gets the current player, while you're specifically looking for the PC player.
  2. Remove local player = sim:getCurrentPlayer() and replace if unit:getPlayerOwner() == player then with if unit:getPlayerOwner() == sim:getPC() then
  3. Wait really? I thought the Accomplishrine or whatever it was called was meant to fill the place of trophies? Or is that singleplayer only? Well, doesn't endorse achievements for Don't Starve. Klei has made other games you know!
  4. The dummy object can be any table. Unlike sim events (which are passed to the boardrig and the relevant unitrig) triggers are passed to the object you pass to sim:addTrigger. I guess we can add new classes if that's what you're wondering. I don't know what you'd need it for that you can't accomplish with simunit. This is possible to do on a workshop mod. I use a similar dummy object for Advanced Guard Protocol (not the released version, a version that is in development)
  5. The function is defined as simengine:moveUnit in engine.lua. You could create a dummy object and add TRG_UNIT_WARP_PRE to it. You'd need a function that is called upon sim creation. mainframe.init is probably the simplest option. local triggerObject = { onTrigger = function( self, sim, evType, evData ) if evType == simdefs.TRG_UNIT_WARP_PRE and evData.unit:getBrain() then evData.unit:getBrain():getSenses():checkPeripheralVision() sim:processReactions(evData.unit) end end } local oldinit = mainframe.init mainframe.init = function( sim ) local obj = util.tcopy(triggerObject) sim:addTrigger(simdefs.TRG_UNIT_WARP_PRE,obj) return oldinit( sim ) end
  6. The function you're looking for is sim:moveUnit. Plugging in unit:getBrain():getSenses():checkPeripheralVision() should do the trick. Alternatively you could use TRG_UNIT_WARP_PRE.
  7. The Thor Unit looks the same as the Sprinter, was that a mistake?
  8. Have you looked if there are any Hound Mounds nearby, because in my experience they tend to spawn close to Dfly.
  9. Mathematical operators have precedence over logic operators, so your code is equivalent to regrowtime = _internaltimes[k] or (CARROT_REGROWTH_TIME + timerdata.regrowtime), I assume you intended regrowtime = (_internaltimes[k] or CARROT_REGROWTH_TIME) + timerdata.regrowtime,
  10. *In before potato seeds are added to the game
  11. Really, the puzzle is a blast when doing it with a friend you actually know. I'm guessing the designers didn't expect so many to desperately beg for people to do it with on forums, because I can understand that it would be a frustrating experience to coordinate with a stranger only communicating with text and images. I think that's not how it was intended to be done.
  12. There's litererally a quote from Maxwell that is "What year is it out there? Time moves differently here." so I don't know how someone could not know this as long as they did their research.
  13. That shouldn't really be a problem though, you'd only need to recalculate every time your destination changes and when something in your path changes (path blocked, ladder broken etc) Plus, not being able to handle different speeds on different surfaces is one thing, but I can't imagine what kind of pathfinder would be used to get results where a path that's clearly longer than another is preferred (not just in terms of distance, but if the pathfinder works like the above images suggest number of nodes as well)
  14. Well, there is one person who has it of course
  15. http://dontstarve.wikia.com/wiki/Frazzled_Wires#Potato_Cup