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  1. There are a few quotes in which Wigfrid actually does break character, namely how things don't "fit her character", and referring to other things as a "stage". But for the most part she does try to keep character.
  2. >Potato Cup >Joke You are a funny man.
  3. I just changed the name of the thread, hopefully it won't get confused as easily now.
  4. V( '-' )V I must have a bad memory. Maybe some pages did get deleted...?
  5. Different thread :V
  6. Chris listened in on the conversation, everyone had a house assigned to them overnight? Hm, maybe that applies to teenagers who have no experience in realty also. Some mayor. He slipped away to go find his own house if any.
  7. He was talking about my post mostly. Be a bit nicer please.
  8. Either make a new topic or get back on topic before we summon @ImDaMisterL's wrath. Oh whoops, did I do that? :3
  9. Why not have your friends join in on the beta while you guys wait?
  10. I pretty much said the Rose skins would be ported to Steam, what's stopping us from assuming the Formal skins won't be ported back to Tencent in exchange?
  11. I have my sources. The Rose Collection will be ported to Steam in the future and the Formal Collection will be ported to Tencent at the same time.
  12. You're clearly new here so I'll give you the tl;dr... They'll get ported to Steam eventually. Don't rush, we'll get it in time.
  13. Darnit, now I want a St. Patrick's Day event >:c Shamrock Potted Succulent skin when?