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  1. Pretty sure its one use was gunpowder.
  2. You have the prestihatitator skins already if you have the right top hat skins.
  3. No, because there are people who say the exact same thing and are dead serious :V
  4. It's just the way the playermodels are set up-the left and right models are the same, can't do anything about that. It's not Klei not "wanting to spend time on skins."
  5. You're able to give items to friendly pigs to hold onto. Anyway, I had the same bug(?) when crafting a Lazy Explorer; it gave me my cane back. I dunno what it's all about. V( '-' )V
  6. To be fair the same thing can't really be applied to the rest of the bosses this affects.
  7. What's New? I will edit these properly with the correct backgrounds once it's a bit more clear why they aren't labeled Rewards tomorrow. For now, enjoy these transparent icons that I definitely did NOT steal from @Instant-Noodles.
  8. Whatever you say, Peter! Though I still think I should list them here as Rewards for now for the sake of simplicity so people know you get those skins for having the other skin of it.
  9. That's pretty much my point, you're using your top hat skin on the structure. But to each their own I guess.
  10. Again, it's still changing the look of the structure, I'd call that a skin. The reason I think it would fit as a Reward skin is 'cause you're able to skin another item by having this skin in your inventory.
  11. They're technically new skins since you can skin new structures/items with these skins in your collection, they're basically Rewards skins. God knows why they aren't marked as such. :V
  12. Yaaaay, new skins. No, it is not the Rose Collection. I don't get why the cane and prestihatitator skins aren't Rewards though, or why they don't show up in Collection. :VVV Klei plz fix.
  13. Why aren't the skinned presti's and cane in the Reward rarity though?
  14. My candy bowl's running empty, would you mind?